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Best Service Cinematique Instruments 2

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Since 2010 the software smithy Cinematique Instruments with its unusual virtual instruments and... more
Best Service Cinematique Instruments 2

Since 2010 the software smithy Cinematique Instruments with its unusual virtual instruments and tools stands for creativity, individuality and inspiration.

Cinematique Instruments Vol.2 consists of fascinating new string instruments such as a banjo, bowed guitars, acoustic guitars played with a bow and acoustic bass, German Monochord, a wooden case strung with 25 equally tuned strings and the Guitar Harmonics. This is a separate library of flageolet sounds from various acoustic and electric guitars and basses. In addition, the DVD includes rare instruments such as the Double Bass Harmonica (Baritone Blues Harp), Huge Giant Tuning Fork, an Alto Glockenspiel and the Experimental Box 2, a second edition of the experimental sounds generated with sounds from a forge and a tool cellar.

Already with the release of Vol.1 in 2010, Cinematique Instruments was able to attract attention with instruments such as an autoharp, a string psalter, a kantele or an experimental box. With the release of Vol.2, Cinematique Instruments is consistently pursuing exactly this path - with further improved sound quality, more extensive sampling and complex editing options.

New, creative music tools with strange names like Cement, Clap Trak, Geiger Counter, Jetlag and Chameleon are available on Vol. 2. These are special rhythm add-ons, sequencers, multilayered samplers or pattern generators that use the step sequencer or arpeggiator of the Best Service Engine. The Vol.2 is rounded off by the Sound Bank Sawtooth, a selection of different synthi sounds, and the Upright Piano, a completely reworked version of their Zeitter & Winkelmann piano.

With this selection of instruments, Cinematique Instruments with its Vol.2 has achieved a more consistent further development of its goals of producing modern, creative and inspiring instruments library and offers an excellent complement to Vol.1.

All 16 instruments at a glance

  • Alto Glockenspiel

  • banjo

  • Bass Harmonica

  • Bowed Guitar (and Bass)

  • cement

  • Chameleon (6 variations)

  • Clap Trak

  • Drumboxes (2 variations)

  • Experimental Box 2

  • Geiger Counter

  • German Monochord

  • Guitar Harmonics

  • jet lag

  • Huge Tuning Fork

  • saw tooth

  • upright piano