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Best Service Cinematique Instruments 1

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Cinematique Instruments captivates with a wonderful mixture of unusual and rare instruments and... more
Best Service Cinematique Instruments 1

Cinematique Instruments captivates with a wonderful mixture of unusual and rare instruments and sound sources that offer a high degree of individuality and inspiration.

In addition to an interesting mixture of unusual percussion instruments, the library includes extraordinary string instruments such as an autoharp, a 36 string zither with a row of chord buttons, a cantle, a 5-string traditional instrument from Finland, a Celtic nylon harp or a string psalter, another string instrument from the zither family with a row of strings stretched over a resonating body.

In addition, Cinematique Instruments contains unusual and strange keyboard instruments such as the cheap keyboard Super-Sound EK-470 E-Piano, the charismatic Magnus organ with its electric fan or the organic sounding upright piano Zeitter & Winkelmann.

The special and individual character of the library is underlined by a collection of sound paks. The Sound Paks are called "Glas", "Metallic Objects", "Experimental Box" and "Downbeat Box". They amaze with an astonishing stock of individual and inspiring textures, surfaces, mallets and percussion or rhythm instruments.

Cinematique Instruments has beaten and hammered the doors and side walls of a metal kitchen with various sticks, fingers and fists, knocked with fingers on pot lids, rubbed on wine glasses and made station announcements, train squeaks, paper crumples, acoustic and electronic noises, humming, subway noises, compressed air doors, crown cork shaking, disturbances, hissing and roaring and other strange stuff very useful and special instruments.

In summary, the following instruments are included:

  • Autoharp, Bowed Psaltery, Celtic Nylon Harp, Kantele, Muted Baritone Ukulele

  • Magnus Harmonica Organ, Rhodes Mark I, Super Sound EK-470

  • Zeitter & Winkelmann Piano

  • Glass, Music box & Glockenspiel, Metallic Objects

  • Downbeat Box, Experimental Box

  • Bongos, Chimes, Guiro

  • Percussion Set 1, Ocean Drum, Shaker

  • Spring Drum, Tambourine