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Best Service Chris Hein Bass

Best Service Chris Hein Bass
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Six professionally sampled Nobel basses with all the details After more than a year of... more
Best Service Chris Hein Bass

Six professionally sampled Nobel basses with all the details

After more than a year of production, Chris Hein presents six Nobel basses, sampled with every detail, that leave nothing to be desired: AnE-Bass Musicman Stingray picked & slapped, LeFay Fretless and for the first time a double bass with three different strings: Steel strings (the classic jazz bass), nylon strings (the hi-fi sound) and gut strings (old-school sound for the swing of the 40s).

The elaborate script programming in the Kontakt Player allows a sound shaping that goes far beyond the possibilities of a real instrument.

For the first time, all the nuances of playing technique have been implemented in a sampled bass, with 112 functions available that can be automated via midi controllers, including some world firsts such as repetition hotkeys, key vibrato, case control, bridge/center playing, pickup micro blending, expression samples, pinch harmonics, automatic mode, slide mode, chord mode and much more.


  • 12.7 GB of fantastic, natural bass sounds

  • up to 4,089 samples per sound

  • Native Instruments Contact Player Engine

  • up to 42 articulations

  • up to 8 velocity levels

  • 112 Midi controllable and automatable parameters

  • Repetition Hotkeys

  • Keys Vibrato

  • Four Release Controls

  • case control

  • Bridge/Center Playing

  • PickUp Micro-Blending at the double basses

  • Pinch Harmonics at the E-Basses

  • Expression Samples

  • Automatic-, Slide- and Chord-Mode

  • IKM AmpliTube 3 Custom Shop included