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Best Service Drums Overkill

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Drums Overkill, the most comprehensive drum module ever released! More than 27000 different... more
Best Service Drums Overkill

Drums Overkill, the most comprehensive drum module ever released!

More than 27000 different drum & percussion sounds

1200 immediately playable drum kits of different music styles, 5400 original drum machine samples, 3800 bass drums, 4100 snares & rim shots, 750 claps & snaps,480 toms, 1600 hi-hats, 300 cymbals, 670 analog synth drums & electronic percussion, 340 mixed special effects, 1500 percussion instruments from all over the world

More than 1200 drum kits from 16 different music styles

1980's Pop & Dance, Club, House, Dance, Techno, Garage, Trance, Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Electronic, Experimental, 80's Rap & Old School, HipHop, RnB, Pop, Vintage & Oldies, Big Beat, Pop Ballads,...

Plus 155 complete drum machines

Superseltene Vintage Rhythm Boxes and original E-Drumkits from 1960 / 70 / 80 to 90 of the manufacturers Acetone, AJK, Akai, Alesis, Amdek, Boss, Casio, CRB, Denon, Dr. Böhm, Dynacord, Eko, Electro-Harmonix, Elgam, Elka, Emu-Systems, Farfisa, Fricke, GEM, Goya, Gulbransen, Hammond, Hohner, Kawai, Keio, Key Note, Korg, Linn, Luxor, Maestro, Mattel, Melo-Sonic, Melos, NDK Farfisa, Oberheim, Pearl, Pertuna, Radioshack, Rhythm Master, Roland, Ruby, Sequential Circuits, Simmons, Solton, Sony, Soundmaster, SRB, Suzuki, Tama, Thomas, Univox, Vermona, Visco, Vox, Watford, Welson, Wersi, Wurlitzer, Yamaha.

The Kontakt Player version includes a special effects section (see video) with compressor, bitchrusher, distortion, saturation, lo-fi, filter LP/HP, reverb, delay, chorus, phaser and flanger.

"Add reverb to the snare drum of a kit while compressing the bass drum, change the pitch or select alien sounds as you like with the integrated effects!! All changes can of course be saved as a new drum kit."