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Best Service Convolution Space

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Convolution Space is the ideal virtual instrument for multimedia, advertising, film & ambient... more
Best Service Convolution Space

Convolution Space is the ideal virtual instrument for multimedia, advertising, film & ambient music, for sound world researchers & sound adventurers.
This texture & pad plug-in based on Kontakt Player offers 625 unique instruments in stereo and 5.1 surround.
8.5 GB of sound material invite you to play "on the go" and help you discover new creative sound worlds.
The technology behind it is complex, but the application is very simple: select the instrument, play on the keyboard and turn the modulation wheel to dive into new sound profiles - the played sound literally transforms into something completely new! Of course, the ingenious scripting also provides the typical synthesizer functions such as envelopes, filters, LFOs, effects, and much more to create your own sounds or adapt existing ones.

The right category for every mood:

  • Abstract: Metaphysical and esoteric sounds that really fits no other description.

  • Emotional: The beautiful, sad and ecstatic. Simply sounds that evoke emotion - mostly positive.

  • Fantasy: Magical and otherworldly, these are sounds for your imagination.

  • Mental: Sounds of the states of mind, ranging all the way from psychotic to the spiritual and psychedelic

  • Scary: Sinister and malice, all for your horror soundtrack. This is not for the faint of heart.

  • SciFi: For the future and all of it's technology - and your high concept soundscape.

  • Underground: dark and devoid of hope, these sound vibrate only downwards.

  • Deep&Rumble: Earthshattering and relentless in the one pursue of deeper realms.

  • Structures: The eerie and strange; these are places you normally avoid.

  • Technology: The imaginary sounds of communicating CPU's, searchlights and future machines