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Project SAM Creative Pack

Project SAM Creative Pack
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Bundle consisting of 6 Project SAM Libraries SYMPHOBIA - no sampling library in the... more
Project SAM Creative Pack

Bundle consisting of 6 Project SAM Libraries

SYMPHOBIA - no sampling library in the traditional orchestral sense

The developers of the True Strike series and the "Sam Orchestral Brass" have once again significantly expanded the range of orchestral sounds on "Symphobia". Symphobia offers a completely new approach to creating orchestral movements using expressive ensemble multi-samples combined with cinematic effects to create an extraordinarily comprehensive collection of combinations and playing styles.

SYMPHOBIA 2 offers you more than you've ever missed in your orchestrations:

Exciting new orchestral articulations, a massive amount of inspiring fresh symphonic effects, exclusive legato ensembles with real legato transitions, Dystopia III and a whole new user interface.
With SYMPHOBIA 2, any film, game or TV composer can quickly and easily incorporate classical elements into their productions.

Fantasy world LUMINA, from the creators of SYMPHOBIA

Full orchestra, choirs, smaller ensembles and a large collection of solo instruments - LUMINA takes you into the world of fantasy and magic and will enrich your sound palette with depth and presence. Based on 75 GB of samples and a great interface, ProjectSAM's third stroke of the SYMPHOBIA series is an outstanding and ambitious library.

ANIMATOR - Ensembles & Effects for Animation Scoring

A library for animation and cartoon scoring, for everything that is funny. Animator is easy and fast to use.

ORCHESTRATOR - Inspiring tool for orchestral productions

Based on the SYMPHOBIA concept, SYMPHOBIA COLOURS offers fresh sounds in smaller packages. The two ensembles recorded for Orchestrator are Strings & Choirs and Brass & Woodwind. A full set of legato chords is available for both arrangements. Major and minor chords are mapped to the keyboard in two regions to trigger and connect them via single keys.

The Jazzy Film Scoring Library: Swing!

The Jazzy Film Scoring Library Swing! playfully brings together the world of jazz and film scoring with live big band ensembles.
If you compose for film, animation, games or commercials, Swing! will undoubtedly make your work easier, expand it with completely new possibilities and bring a lot of joy.