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Softube Company Information

Rock n' Roll scientists who develop world-class software for audio professionals and musicians.

Softube develops both hardware and software for the audio industry. A number of high-end computer recording plug-ins are available under the Softube brand, and the company has developed for renowned companies such as Marshall (Marshall JMD:1 amplifier), Fender (Fender Runaway Pedal), Abbey Road Studios, Native Instruments, Ableton (Ableton Amp) and TC Electronic, as well as partnerships with Universal Audio (Amp Room for Universal Audio), Propellerheads (Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Reason), Cakewalk (Cakewalk SONAR ProChannel Modules), Presonus and Avid. Our own plug-ins are the result of partnerships with major hardware manufacturers such as Solid State Logic, Abbey Road Studios, Trident Audio Developments, Valley People, Tube-Tech, Summit Audio, Tonelux Designs and Mutronics.

The company was founded in 2003 by Oscar Öberg and today consists of seven twelve sixteen nineteen people based in Linköping, Sweden. It is located about two hours southwest of Stockholm.

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Softube Volume 4 Softube Volume 4
Softube Volume 4 Premium plug-in Bundle consisting of 28 plug-ins, perfect studio-tools for the complete music-production from arrangement to mix and mastering, contains 6 new plug-ins (Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959, American Class A, Monoment Bass, Spring Reverb, Acoustic Feedback, Passive-Active Pack) compared to Volume 3, upgrade from all previous Volume-versions (1-3),...
Content 1 pcs.
€724.90 *
Softube Console 1 Fader Softube Console 1 Fader
Hybrid hardware controller with software integration,provides access to ten touch-sensitive motorized faders with 12 cm fader travel, track select, mute and solo buttons on each of the ten channels, nine different fader modes, three assignable buttons for DAW shortcuts, Width stereo enhancer and M/S processing for stereo tracks, layer mode for grouping via assignable VCA...
Content 1 pcs.
€524.90 *
Softube Console 1 MKII Softube Console 1 MKII
Softubes Console 1 can be loaded as a plug-in into individual DAW channels or all DAW channels. Basis of the plug-in is the replica of a Solid State Logic SL 4000 E channelstrip. This brand new plug-in offers authentic reproduction of the equalizer and compressor as well as emulation of the saturation of the analog model. Dynamic Shape also includes an expander/gate in...
Content 1 pcs.
€378.90 *
Softube SSL XL 9000 Softube SSL XL 9000
Softube SSL XL 9000 K for Console 1. Extension for the Console 1 system from Softube. With this software you get the sound of an XL 9000 K mixing console from Solid State Logic in the practical Console 1 environment with direct integration of the corresponding hardware controller. Features: Extension for Softube Console 1 Virtual SSL XL 9000 K Channel Very transparent sound...
Content 1 pcs.
€279.00 *
Softube Grand Channel Softube Grand Channel
Delivery as ESD - Electronic Software Download This modelled channel strip combines the SOftube Summit Audio EQF-100 equalizer and the TLA-100A compressor. Features: modelled distortion of the output stage 4 fully parametric tapes 2 three-stage low and high cut filters warm sound flexible operation carefully modelled components Formats: VST, VST3, AudioUnits, AAX and RTAS...
Content 1 pcs.
€279.00 *
Softube American Class A Softube American Class A
For Softube Console 1 American Class A is an independent channelstrip plug-in and channelstrip extension for Softube Console 1 (both versions under one license). The American Class A technology is modeled. Inspired by legendary American mixing consoles, the plug-in delivers the coveted high-energy and intensive character, because the signals become richer, more powerful and...
Content 1 pcs.
€279.00 *
Softube British Class A Softube British Class A
For Softube Console 1 Softube British Class A simulates the sound of legendary Class A technology, inspired by famous British vintage mixing consoles of the 60s & 70s. It gives the signal character and fullness, is fully equipped with EQ, compressor, limiter, gate, variable high and low pass filters, input stage with drive section, additional compressor attack / release...
Content 1 pcs.
€199.00 *