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ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

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Dreamsynth on the go In a compact and portable package (even battery-powered if... more
ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

Dreamsynth on the go

In a compact and portable package (even battery-powered if needed), Hydrasynth Explorer features the 8-voice sound generation from the Hydrasynth Keyboard and Desktop. The scaled-down 37-key PolyTouch® keyboard features the same polyphonic aftertouch of its larger sister models.
Despite its small size, it offers excellent playability and expressiveness. The extremely flexible yet easy-to-use sound engine features the famous WaveScan oscillators, Mutator waveshaping, a flexible dual filter section, a 32-slot modulation matrix, as well as two insert and two master effects.

CV/GATE outputs are also included, making it easy to integrate Hypersynth Explorer into a modular system. The equipment is rounded off by USB MIDI and full-size MIDI DIN connectors. The usual juggling of adapter cables with mini synths is no longer necessary. As a clever detail, Hydrasynth Explorer can also be operated with 8x AA batteries, ideal for mobile operation on the go.


  • Digital Wavemorphing Synthesizer

  • 37 "Medium Size" keys

  • High-quality Polytouch® keyboard including velocity and aftertouch

  • 8 voices, monotimbral

  • Full polyphonic aftertouch

  • High-quality and robust case

  • Arpeggiator including ratchet, chance, gate time & swing (8 modes)

  • 3 oscillators with 219 single-cycle waveforms

  • WaveScan parameters for modulating through wavetables

  • Wavelist mode for crossfading up to 8 wavetables

  • 8 user-defined wavelists per oscillator

  • Mixer including noise generator and ring modulator

  • 2 filters (serial or parallel)

  • Filter 1 with 11 different filter models (12 & 24 db ladder, vintage ladder, HP, LP, Vocal and others)

  • Filter 2: 12 dB (SEM style) per octave incl. continuous sweep from lowpass to bandpass to highpass

  • Oscillators 1 and 2 each have 2 mutants incl. FM linear, Wavestack™, Hard Sync, Pulse Width, PW Squeeze, PW ASM, Harmonic Sweep

  • Modulation Matrix

  • 32 user-definable modulation routings

  • 5 DAHDSR envelopes

  • 5 LFOs (incl. Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw up, Saw down, S&H, Low random, Noise, Pulse width and others)

  • LFO's incl. delay, fade in, 3 trigger modes, smoothing, start phase, one-shot mode

  • 5 banks with 128 patches each

  • 256 factory patches

  • CV gate inputs and outputs

  • 8 high-resolution encoders including LED rings

  • OLED displays

  • Patch macros

  • Support of all common CV/GATE standards

  • V-trig, S-trig: 3.5 and 10 volts

  • 1 Volt per octave +/-5V, 1 Volt per octave 0-10V, Hz to Volt +/-5V, Hz to Volt 0-10V

  • Clock input and output (1 PPS, 2 PPQ, 24 PPQ, 48 PPQ)

  • Clock voltage: - 3, 5, 10 and 10 volts

  • USB (USB MIDI In/Out)


  • PC/MAC-based Patch Manager plug-in

  • Pre- and post-effects for unique sound processing

  • Delay & Reverb

  • Sustain pedal input (automatic polarity detection)

  • Powered by external 12 volt power supply (included) or 8x AA batteries

  • dimensions: 554 x 247 x 58 mm

  • Weight: 3460 g

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