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Korg Pa5X 61

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This unit is a new product which was opened by us for training purposes. The unit has... more
Korg Pa5X 61

This unit is a new product which was opened by us for training purposes. The unit has approx. 2 hours operating time. It is sold with a full 3-year MusoTec warranty, original cardboard box and all accessories.

With the Pa5X, KORG introduces a comprehensively equipped arranger keyboard flagship to the market.
The Pa5X, with its completely redesigned sound engine and user interface, features a special user interface that makes the keyboard easier and better to use than its predecessors: logical colour codes that run through many layers, large displays and buttons, photo-quality icons, clear graphics, thousands of inspiring sounds and lively styles for almost every musical genre. 

The KORG Pa5X, with 61 lightly weighted keys, is unique in having two completely independent players that can play styles, midifiles and MP3 files - in any combination! This makes it possible to mix two styles or even play them synchronously. ""Smooth Sound Transition"" ensures that no notes or effects are cut off when fading or switching. 

Acoustic and electric pianos come from the KORG SV2 stage piano, synthesizer sounds come from e.g. NAUTILUS, wavestate, ARP2600. A special round-robin function provides ultra-authentic and lively drum sounds.

The keyboard has a high-quality finish with an elegant look, wooden side panels nestle against a sturdy aluminium housing. Real-time control of many parameters is made very easy by an additional strip display and the corresponding buttons and faders, because the display always actively shows the value of the respective parameter. Loading processes are a thing of the past; all files and styles are available at the touch of a finger, no matter on which connected medium they are stored. An open memory structure allows for virtually infinitely large user folders that can hold as much as the SD memory card (optional), which can hold up to 1TB. This makes it easy to combine data from different users.

A powerful mixer with built-in finaliser levels all styles and files to the same volume level. A large chord sequence library invites you to jam, and the 8-inch, tiltable and lockable touch display in tablet quality shows all chords, lyrics and (midifile) notes in high-resolution.

In addition to the microphone connection (combi jack), there is a separate guitar input with its own gain, and up to four guitar effects can be stored as presets and recalled per track in the freely programmable songbook. A four-voice harmoniser is also on board, as well as an autopitch function for contemporary vocal performance.

An optional extension is the PaAS speaker system and a matching stand.

  • Modern arranger keyboard (61 keys with aftertouch) with patented double sequencer

  • High-quality workmanship, aluminium housing with wooden side panels, tilting 8-inch touch display in tablet quality

  • Easy operation thanks to completely redesigned user interface with logical colour code

  • Strip display for best overview and control

  • Over 2000 tones (including samples from SV-2 stage piano, wavestate, ARP2600)

  • Over 600 inspiring styles

  • Round Robin function for authentic drums

  • Clear user interface with RGB-lit buttons

  • Pad matrix (16 pads) for loops, samples and functions

  • Four-voice harmoniser with additional autopitch function for modern vocal performance

  • Additional guitar input with own gain and effects

  • Programmable chord sequencer, fully-fledged sampler (up to 8GB), detailed mixer with finaliser, powerful mastering effects

  • Service-friendly joystick

  • PaAS speaker system optional

  • Dimensions: 102.11 x 37.43 x 12.68cm

  • Weight: 15.1kg

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