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Moog Matriarch

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Moog Matriarch is a 4-part paraphonic synthesizer with a 49-key... more

Moog Matriarch

Moog Matriarch is a 4-part paraphonic synthesizer with a 49-key full-size keyboard and offers numerous patch options thanks to its semi-modular construction. In addition to true analog sound generation, Matriarch is equipped with a sequencer , arpeggiator , stereo ladder filter and stereo analog delay. Matriarch's technology is based on the circuits of the legendary Moog modular synthesizers. Even without a patch cable, Matriarch delivers a variety of classic synthesizer sounds and beautiful chord sequences in no time at all. In addition, the extensive patch options allow you to travel to the most colorful sound worlds - including all the creative surprises a semi-modular synth can offer.

Best genes:

Moog Matriarch modules are largely based on Bob Moog's original circuits. In addition to the obligatory ladder filter classic, these include two envelope generators , stereo analog delay and stereo VCAs . The 100% true analog signal path is extremely effectively equipped and enables a huge range of impressive sounds. Snotty power basslines are just as much a part of the repertoire as sparkling, slowly evolving melody patterns and ethereal surface sounds.

  • Oscillators: Minimoog

  • Mixer: CP3 module

  • Filter: classic 904A module

  • Envelopes: classic 911 module

  • VCAs: classic 902 module

  • Analog Delay: MF-104M and 500 Series

4-part paraphonic sound engine

The 4-part paraphonic sound engine delivers up to four notes simultaneously, which can be set in motion with the internal 256-step sequencer. Sequences can be stored and transposed in real time. Stacked VCOs turn Matriarch into a super-fat 4-oscillator monosynth.

Creativity and play instinct

Matriarch bundles creativity and play instinct. It combines patchable architecture with classic Moog synthesizer technology, thus enabling immense design possibilities at the highest tonal level.

Modular system for studio and stage

Moog Matriarch has an internally pre-patched signal path, i.e. a multitude of highly interesting sounds is possible without a patch cable. Using the 90 patch points, Matriarch becomes a fully-fledged modular system for studio and stage. Thanks to its full-size 4-octave keyboard and high-quality controllers, Matriarch is also a first-class performance keyboard. Matriarch works standalone as a complete synthesizer, but is also an ideal complement to DFAM, Mother-32, Grandmother or any Eurorack modular system. In addition, Matriarch's modules are ideally suited as effect devices for processing external audio signals.

Moog Matriarch at a glance:

  • Monophone, duophone and quadruple paraphone playable

  • Stereo analog delay with up to 700ms delay, MIDI sync, stereo/ping-pong echo

  • Step sequencer with up to 256 steps, 12 storable patterns, up to four notes per step

  • Arpeggiator with selectable playback modes (Order, Forward/Backward, Random)

  • Semi-modular with internal signal path - Patching possible but not necessary

  • 90 patch sockets for countless patch options

  • 49 keys (four octaves) Fatar keyboard with velocity and aftertouch

  • Four analog oscillators with selectable waveform and hard sync

  • Analog LFO with wide frequency range and six waveforms

  • Analog Dual Filter with selectable configuration (parallel - HP/LP, stereo - LP/LP, serial - HP/LP)

  • Analog Dual Envelope (ADSR)

  • Dual analog VCA

  • 3x voltage controlled attenuators with ring modulator function

  • 2x4 parallel wired, unbuffered Mults

  • Additional simple analog LFO for modulation of delay, filter and VCAs

  • Audio input with 6mm mono jack socket for processing external signals (e.g. guitar, drum machine)

  • Stereo outputs each with two 6mm jack sockets and mini jack sockets (Eurorack level)



  • Manufacturer: Moog

  • Construction / Number of Keys: 49

  • Velocity sensitive: Yes

  • Aftertouch: Yes

  • Sound Generation: Analog

  • Polyphony: 4

  • Arpeggiator: Yes

  • Integrated Effects Processor: Yes

  • Number of Faders: 2

  • Number of Knobs: 45

  • Number of Keys: 10

  • Pitchbend, Modwheel: Pitchbend and Modwheel

  • Mounting Options: MIDI Step Sequencer

  • MIDI Interface: Yes

  • USB MIDI Interface: Yes

  • LINE IN: Yes

  • LINE OUT: Yes

  • Headphone Connection: Yes

  • Volume Pedal Connection: Yes

  • Sustain Pedal Connection: Yes

  • Power Supply: Adapter, external

  • incl. Power Adapter: Yes

  • Width (cm): 81.3

  • Height (cm): 14

  • Depth (cm): 36.2

  • Weight (kg): 10.9