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Moog Sound Studio - DFAM & Subharmonicon

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The Moog Sound Studio : DFAM & Subharmonicon is a bundle of semi-modular synthesizers and... more
Moog Sound Studio - DFAM & Subharmonicon

The Moog Sound Studio: DFAM & Subharmonicon is a bundle of semi-modular synthesizers and various accessories in an artistically wonderfully designed creative box which allows immediate entry into the world of modular synthesizers. The Moog Sound Studio: DFAM & Subharmonicon comes with an audio mixer, which also serves as a power supply, as well as a handy rack kit, numerous patch cables plus mounting bracket and much more.

The "DrummerFromAnotherMother" = DFAM, included in the bundle, allows you to create expressive and creative electronic drum patterns in a lively organic sounding analog guise. The Subharmonicon features a 6-tone sound generator as well as a multi-layered clock generator to dive into the world of subharmonics, polyrhythms and unique sound spheres. Designed by various artists, the package is all about creativity and fun, making the Moog Sound Studio an overall experience for both beginners and experienced users in the modular world.

In the Box

  • complete Analog Synthesis Studio in one box consisting of:

  • DFAM (Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer incl. power supply)

  • Subharmonicon (Semi-Modular Analog Polyrhythmic Synthesizer incl. power supply)

  • 4-channel summing mixer and 3-way power hub incl. power supply and 3 power distributors

  • 2-Tier Rack Kit

  • Patch Cable Organizer

  • 10-piece patch cable set

  • 2 audio cables (1/4")

  • Philips screwdriver

  • instructional book (quickstart, experimental patch sheets, tips + tricks)

  • games and figurines designed by artist Philip Lindeman (Synthesizer Dice Game, Universe-of-Moog Poster, Mini Moog Factory and Pop-Out Studio Friends)

  • dimensions: 33,02 x 20,32 x 33,02 cm

  • Weight: 6,35 kg