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Moog Vocoder

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Within the last forty years, many a synth-pop record has received the Moog vocoder... more

Moog Vocoder

Within the last forty years, many a synth-pop record has received the Moog vocoder treatment. Just think how empty the work of Moroder, Wendy Carlos, Devo and composer/director, John Carpenter would have been without it. The Moog 16 Channel Vocoder (which already bears a striking resemblance to the Bode 7702) essentially offers diligent Moog students direct access to the much sought after vintage late '70s machine.

The Concept Behind the Vocoder

Your synth will happily chat with this vocoder since, in essence, this is a row of bandpass filters, envelope followers and band-boosters. Give it two incoming signals, say, a vocal and a synth-pad and the vocoder splits the voice into 16 parts via the band-pass filters. An envelope-follower then checks the loudness of each of the 16 parts and applies that loudness to one band-booster on the other signal. Basically, the character of the overtone of one signal is applied to the other signal. What's particularly nice is that this works just as well with drum loops and has been used just as frequently for this as it has for vocals.

The Flexible Moog 16 Channel Vocoder

This vocoder has sixteen frequency bands from 50 to 5080Hz. As such, each individual output can be routed to other devices to add effects to each band. Another highly convenient detail is the ability to send the outputs back through the vocoder (from the upper row to the lowest row) but in a different frequency so that frequency bands can be blended and, naturally, control over the high pitch is offered so that S-sounds can be filtered out. This refreshed and renewed piece of music history is definitely back. While the price won't exactly suit everyone's pocket, it's still a worthy investment for what is essentially an antique, plus the character and minus the dust.

Product details

  • Moog 16 Channel Vocoder

  • frequency bands: 16

  • housing: desktop/rack

  • pedal sockets for sample/hold, patch select, hiss/buzz

  • patch connectors:

    • interaction with external apparatus

    • frequency bands shift

  • included 2-inch patch cables: 4x blue, 4x yellow, 4x red, 2x black

  • included 5-inch patch cables: 2x black

  • dimensions: 178 x 389 x 440 mm

  • weight: 7.94 kg