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Novation Peak

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Novation Peak - Eight-voice polyphonic synthesiser! eak sounds warm, but can also become... more

Novation Peak

Novation Peak - Eight-voice polyphonic synthesiser!

eak sounds warm, but can also become very biting with lots of distortion if desired. The eight-voice polyphonic desktop synthesiser offers three Oxford oscillators per voice. In addition, Peak has a resonance multi-mode filter per voice and three different distortion points in the analogue signal chain.

Analogue in the important places - digital where it counts
Peak is an eight-voice, polyphonic desktop synthesiser with three New Oxford oscillators per voice. The oscillators sound completely analogue because they are high-quality NCOs (numerically controlled oscillators), but with 17 digital wavetables they are also flexible like their digital counterparts.
Thanks to the NCOs with analogue sound or also the digital wavetables, they can even become a linear FM source and drive cross-modulation in a recursive loop.

The synthesiser has one resonant multi-mode analogue filter and three distortion points for each voice - pre-filter, post-filter and global - in an analogue signal chain. Peak can record polyphonic aftertouch, giving you an incredible range of expressive possibilities. Reverb, delay and chorus effects are also available and there is also an integrated arpeggiator.

Create and refine new sounds from scratch
The modulation system combines a modulation matrix with 16 slots and 16 direct assignments in the main controls, which are cleverly arranged to allow intuitive patch design and sound editing. There are three ADSR envelopes and two LFOs to discover per voice.

More elaborate phrases and secondary "via" assignments are thus possible with just a few keystrokes. In addition, artists can instantly transform patches with just one touch during live performances.

Simply connect everything
Peak connects to modular systems via a CV modulation input and provides MIDI I/O via five-pin DIN jacks, so other MIDI equipment can be connected as well. Peak connects to your Mac or PC via the USB port. This allows you to save and use countless patches using the Components software.

Analogue in the important places - digital where it counts!


  • Innovative New Oxford oscillators that use two waveform generation technologies: NCOs (numerically controlled oscillators) and 60 digital wavetables

  • Pre-filter and post-filter distortion for each voice, plus distortion for all voices. Polyphonic aftertouch and linear FM. First-class reverb, delay and chorus effects as well as integrated arpeggiator.

  • Comprehensive modulation system: modulation matrix with 16 slots and 16 direct assignments via the front panel. Three ADSR envelopes and two LFOs per voice, plus Animate buttons

  • CV modulation input for integration into modular systems

  • Compact desktop module design with optional die-cast aluminium stand for placement (not included)


  • 42 control knobs

  • 8 35-mm sliders

  • 1 volume control

  • 2 data encoders

  • Rubberised knob caps with milled metal discs

  • 30 function keys (not illuminated)

  • 16 function keys (illuminated)

  • 2 Animate keys and hold button

  • 90 display LEDs

  • OLED screen

  • Metal housing with American walnut end caps

  • End caps made of magnetic metal inserts


  • Slot for Kensington lock

  • Power switch

  • Power supply plug

  • USB socket for system/MIDI comms only (no power supply via this bus)

  • MIDI In/Out/Thru

  • 2x 6.3-mm jack socket for stepless or switch pedals

  • 3.5 mm jack socket for CV In

  • 6.3 mm jack sockets for left and right outputs

  • 6.3 mm jack socket for headphone output

Synth engine

  • 8-voice polyphonic (voice modes available simultaneously etc.)

  • Mono-timbral

  • 5 voice modes - Mono, MonoLG, Mono2, Poly, Poly2

Per voice

  • 3 oscillators

  • 1 noise generator

  • 1 ring modulator

  • 2 LFOs

  • 1 amplifier envelope and 2 mod envelopes

  • 1 filter

  • Waveforms include: sine, triangle, sawtooth, square/pulse and 17 wavetables with 5 waveforms per line


  • 1x state variable OTA filter per voice

  • 12/24 dB gradient

  • Lowpass/bandpass/highpass

  • Pre-filter overdrive

  • Post-filter overdrive


  • 16 modulation slots per patch

  • Each slot offers 2 sources to 1 destination

Mod sources

  • Direct (depth)

  • Modulation wheel

  • Aftertouch (polyphonic and channel AT)

  • Expression pedal 1

  • Expression pedal 2

  • Keyboard velocity

  • LFO 1 positive

  • LFO 1 bipolar

  • LFO 2 positive

  • LFO 2 bipolar

  • Amplifier envelope

  • Mod envelope 1

  • Mod envelope 2

  • Animate 1

  • Animate 2

  • CV Mod input bipolar

Mod targets

  • Oscillator 1-3 frequency, V-sync level, shape amount and level

  • Noise source level

  • Ring modulator output level

  • Synth total output level

  • Filter: drive, distortion, ceiling frequency and resonance

  • LFO 1 and 2 frequency

  • Amp Env/Mod Env 1/Mod Env 2 Attack, Decay and Release

  • FM Osz 1 -> osz 2, osz 2 -> osz 3, osz 3 -> osz 1 and noise -> osz 1

  • Osz 3 -> filter ceiling frequency

  • Noise -> filter ceiling frequency


  • Analogue distortion

  • Chorus - 3 types

  • Delay with 16 types of delay sync, lowpass and highpass attenuation, slew and stereo

  • Reverb - 3 types


  • Arpeggiator with key latch - 33 patterns

  • Patch memory - up to 512 in hardware (factory preset with 256 patches)

  • Glide

  • All knobs (excl. volume), sliders and most keys transmit and receive MIDI CC messages for external control and mapping

Physical data

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 70.5 x 233 x 464 mm

  • Weight: 3.87 kg

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Novation Peak Polyphonic Synthesizer

  • 1 x USB cable

  • 1 x power supply