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Polyend Tracker

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Fast track to creativity Polyend Tracker is an innovative, inspiring and immediate... more
Polyend Tracker

Fast track to creativity

Polyend Tracker is an innovative, inspiring and immediate musical instrument. It combines the essential features of a classic tracker with the possibilities of current sound design. Its vertical timeline, powerful sequencer and superbly playable pads, combined with a redesigned input interface, allow you to create and perform music in a new, intuitive way.

The hexadecimal system for displaying parameter values from the classic software trackers has been replaced by a decimal display with parameter name in plain text. The idea behind this was to keep the best of classic trackers (faster and effortless workflow), but to optimize the previously confusing layout. After just a quick look and a few minutes with the Polyend Tracker interface, it quickly becomes clear that this intention has been excellently implemented.

Tracker is armed with a large arsenal of powerful sound design tools. You can use existing sample libraries, record new samples via line or microphone input, or use the built-in FM radio. The sample editor offers a wide range of post-processing options: multi-effect engine, slicer but also wavetable and granular synthesis (incl. filters, ADSRs etc.) are available to create a lively playable instrument from a sample.

In addition, Tracker is also an excellent team player: thanks to its bidirectional MIDI interface, it can be used for sequencing and controlling external devices, or as a sound module for any external MIDI software or hardware devices.

The robust and compact design makes it a great companion for music creators, whether in the home studio, rehearsal room or at the next festival gig. It can be operated with any USB power source, even mains-independent e.g. with a powerbank.


  • Stand Alone Hardware Tracker

  • Step Sequencer & Song Arranger

  • Sampler (Forward, 1 Shot, Backward, Ping-Pong)

  • Granular Synthesizer

  • Wavetable Synthesizer (compatible with Ableton Wave and Serum)

  • Large easy to read display with 8 screen keys

  • Revised input without cryptic hexadecimal values

  • Ergonomic layout with central knob

  • Up to 48 instruments per project

  • Step sequencer with 256 patterns of 128 steps per project

  • Low-, band- and high-pass filters

  • ADSR envelope, reverb send, volume, panning, tune per instrument

  • Micro tuning and micro timing

  • Effects per step

  • Randomizer

  • Live Recording

  • 48 silicone pads with precise response

  • Sampling: up to 2 minutes 16bit/44kHz

  • Offline sample editor with extensive multi-effects engine

  • Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Compressor, Bit Crusher, Limiter, Amplifier

  • Slicer with automatic grid detection

  • Compatible with classic Tracker MOD files

  • MicroSD card slot

  • Stereo output (3.5 mm jack)

  • Mono Line In (3.5 mm jack)

  • Mono Mic In (3.5 mm jack)

  • MIDI in/out (3.5 mm jack including adapter to 5 pin DIN jack)

  • USB-C connector

  • Power supply via USB

  • Delivery includes USB power supply, USB-C cable

  • Audio adapter and 16GB MicroSD card included

  • Dimensions: 357.9 x 245.9 x 16.2 mm

  • Weight: 2000 g