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RME M-32 DA Pro

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RME M-32 DA Pro With the M-32 AD and M-32 DA, RME presented two separate 32-channel... more
RME M-32 DA Pro

RME M-32 DA Pro

With the M-32 AD and M-32 DA, RME presented two separate 32-channel converters in 2010, which quickly became the industry standard thanks to their high quality, stability and number of channels.

Since then, not only the converter technology, but also the requirements of pro-audio users in a wide variety of areas have evolved - from professional studios to immersive sound installations and live sound reinforcement to applications in the industrial sector.

Redundant power supplies, more compact housings, network connectivity - these and others were among the wishes of our customers for a revised 32-channel converter series. With the new M-32 DA Pro and M-32 AD Pro, RME meets the diverse requirements of current productions and installations.

Based on state-of-the-art, high-resolution converter components and a fully balanced analog circuit design, the new M-Series achieves a signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB(A) with the lowest THD values - and thus plays in the top league of converters.

The AD/DA conversion takes place on all 32 channels with up to 192 kHz sampling frequency. The internal filters, based on the recently introduced ADI-2 Pro reference converter, allow a completely linear frequency response (up to 0 Hz on the output side).

In addition to two full-fledged MADI I/Os with separate signal routing, the new M-32 DA Pro and M-32 AD Pro also feature an AVB interface based on the open network standards IEEE 802.1 and 1722.1. In this way, the devices enable the transmission of 32 analog channels at a maximum sampling rate of 192 kHz via a single Ethernet cable.

In combination with external AVB switches, the M-Series converters can be quickly, easily and above all safely integrated into more complex network structures thanks to the comprehensive time-synchronous signal processing of the AVB protocol. The open control protocol AVDECC 1722.1 as part of AVB allows external controllers from different manufacturers to be conveniently used to control almost all device functions. In addition, a web interface and a JSON API are available - both via network and via the integrated USB interface.

For maximum compatibility with a wide range of analog hardware, the M-32 AD Pro and M-32 DA Pro's individual channels can be used with different line levels - each at full converter resolution. In addition to +19 dBu and +13 dBu, the new M-Series is one of the few solutions available on the market that also allows working with the US standard +24 dBu.


  • Fully symmetrical circuit design

  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 120 dBA

  • 32 channels transmittable at 192 kHz

  • AVB interface (IEEE 802.1 and 1722.1)

  • cascadable via external AVB switch

  • intuitive user interface

  • 2 monitored fully redundant internal PSUs

  • Analog outputs: 4x 25 pin D-Sub

  • max. output level: +24 dBU

  • RJ45 1 GigE AVB connector

  • MIDI input/output

  • Wordclock Input/Output

  • 2x MADI input/output