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Rode Rodecaster Pro

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Podcast Production Studio The revolutionary RØDECaster Pro is a compact all-in-one... more
Rode Rodecaster Pro

Podcast Production Studio

The revolutionary RØDECaster Pro is a compact all-in-one production console designed specifically for creating professional podcasts. Even without a computer: with just a few simple steps plus a simple push of a button you can start recording, recording directly to microSD card (not included). We strongly recommend quality storage media such as Sandisk Ultra micro SD UHS1 and Extreme microSD UHS-1 (16-128 GB) as well as Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC (32-256 GB).

If you work with multiple inputs and want to keep all options open, you can also record multi-track to the microSD card if you select this in the "Advanced" menu beforehand. In this case the signals of all input channels are taken before the fader and without signal processing. Additionally - as before - the stereo sum of the RØDECaster Pro is recorded. If you prefer to use your recording software you can simply use the built-in USB audio interface and transfer the signals to your computer via the included USB cable (2+12 tracks).

Operating the RØDECaster Pro is child's play - even though sophisticated signal processing and ingenious circuitry details are under the hood. No other device currently offers even a similar range of functions while providing the finest sound quality and ease of use imaginable!

4 XLR microphone inputs

The RØDECaster Pro accepts both dynamic and condenser microphones. In practice, it is very easy: Connect the microphone, select the appropriate microphone type in the menu, set the appropriate preamplification and pull up the channel fader. Then plug in a headphone, insert a microSD card and press REC - you're ready to go! If you like, you can fine-tune the characteristics (Deep, Medium, High) and fullness (Soft, Medium, Strong) of the respective voice in the "Voice" menu in three or four simple steps, and polish the signals to a high gloss in the "Advanced" menu if required. The microphone channels are color-coded, each of the four select buttons has its own color when activated, which is also reflected in the display menu. So you can see immediately which signal you are processing.

Class-A preamplifier and APHEX® on board

The RØDECaster Pro uses the finest Class A circuitry in the inputs and outputs, normally only found in sinfully expensive broadcast mixing consoles. The result is crystal clear, noise-free and undistorted signal quality - 100% broadcast quality! The speech audio quality is formidable and sounds really "expensive". No wonder: under "Advanced" you can activate finest aphex signal processing (Aural Exciter, Big Bottom) and especially for speech important smart effects (Compressor, De-Esser, Noise Gate, Ducking, HPF). Speaking of "ducking": this circuit is ideal for podcast productions with several people. The respective microphone channel is automatically lowered as soon as you speak on mic 1 (by the host).

Jingles, sound effects

The RØDECaster Pro has a full-size soundboard on the right side with eight color-coded trigger pads. These pads can easily be used for jingles, sound effects, music or advertising. You can either "record" audio signals from any input of the RØDECaster Pro directly to a pad of your choice or you can drag and drop the desired audio files from your computer to the pads. The RØDECaster Pro has its own 512 MB memory, so that sounds assigned by the computer are available even when used standalone - i.e. without a computer. So you can also put complete songs or longer pre-produced contributions on the pads. The necessary editor software can be downloaded online from RØDE. This editor software also allows you to set a playback mode for each pad individually, available are "Play", "Replay" and "Latch". Depending on the selected mode the following happens when a pad is activated: Play = the assigned audio file is played once completely; Replay = the assigned audio file is played once completely, the playback can be started again and again by pressing the button; Latch = the assigned audio file is played once completely, the playback can be stopped by pressing the button again.

Bluetooth, USB and TRRS channels

In addition to the four microphone channels, there is also a "USB" channel (for the computer), a "TRRS" channel including a mini jack input (for wired connection of a cell phone) and a "Bluetooth" channel (for wireless streaming from the cell phone). In this way, the computer and/or cell phone can be used as a player for music or pre-produced contributions or for telephone interviews. For these three channels there are special presets for Music, speech and telephone, each of which optimizes the sound quality.

Telephone interviews without disturbing echo

Interview with someone outside the podcast studio? Receive a listener call? Mostly a problematic matter because of the notorious echoes. Not so with the RØDECaster Pro: thanks to its "mix-minus" circuit with sophisticated noise gate and ducking, such echoes are impossible from the start. This circuit can also be activated for the USB input to integrate discord or Skype chats into a podcast.

Mixing console functions

Each channel has its own fader, a solo button for pre-listening and a mute button for muting. If you press a solo button, the recording or live stream is not affected, so you can control individual channels via headphone path 1 while the program is running. The RØDECaster Pro has four great sounding headphone jacks on the rear panel for separate volume control and two balanced line outs for connecting to studio monitors.

USB Audio Interface

The RØDECaster Pro has a professional 12x2 USB audio interface under the hood. You can transfer up to 14 tracks to one computer. In detail these are the stereo sum (2 tracks), the individual microphone signals (4 tracks) and 2 tracks each with the stereo signals of the USB input, the TRRS input, the Bluetooth input and the soundboard section. In the menu you can also set whether the internal signal processing (high pass filter, compressor, de-esser, Aphex Exciter/Bog Bottom) should be recorded at the same time or if the input signals should be output directly, i.e. unprocessed, via USB to the computer. Practically speaking, this does not apply to the stereo sum, which still carries the processed signals - and thus can serve as a reserve or reference during post production.

  • Standalone device with very simple operation

  • intuitive controls and large touch screen

  • Recording (also multi-track) directly on microSD card

  • built-in 12x2 USB audio interface

  • 4 high-quality microphone channels with Class A preamplifiers

  • additional TRRS, USB and Bluetooth channels

  • first-class speech sound thanks to integrated APHEX signal processing (Aural Exciter, Big Bottom)

  • integrated smart effects: compressor, de-esser, noise gate, ducking, HPF

  • "Mix-minus" circuit for phone and app calls without annoying echo

  • Soundboard with 512 MB memory and 8 freely assignable trigger pads

  • 4 individually adjustable headphone outputs (6.35 mm jack)

  • 2 balanced line outputs (6.35 mm jack, L/R)

  • incl. power supply and USB-A to USB-C cable (2 m)