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SPL Elector - red

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Elector Analog Preamplifier The Elector is based on the Director Mk2 and is designed as... more

SPL Elector - red

Elector Analog Preamplifier

The Elector is based on the Director Mk2 and is designed as a pure analog preamplifier. It offers six stereo analog inputs, three of which are balanced with XLR connectors. The Elector is also equipped with a large remotely controllable aluminium volume control with position LED and two mechanical VU meters.

Via the Tape Monitor path, devices for external sound processing or tape machines can be looped in.


The Elector is the pure analog version of the Director Mk2. A preamplifier for analog sources only. If you don't use a streamer or computer to listen to music or if you have an external DA-converter, the Elector is the perfect choice. Tape machines and cassette recorders or record and CD players can be connected balanced via XLR sockets or standard via gold-plated RCA sockets. The Phonos phono preamplifier is recommended as an ideal complement to the Elector.

Headphone amplifiers like Phonitor xe or Phonitor e can be connected to the Direct Out jacks. This output delivers the unregulated signal, which is tapped before the volume control, since this is set on the headphone amplifier. Power amplifiers such as the Performer s800 or Performer m1000 or active loudspeakers can be connected to the Elector's preamp outputs.


The Elector is a stereo preamplifier with connections for a total of six stereo analog input sources. Three of them are standard RCA connectors and three others are XLR connectors to which devices can be connected in balanced mode. On the output side, power amplifiers or active loudspeakers can be connected via XLR sockets (balanced). The Direct Out via Cinch picks up the output signal before the volume control and thus offers the possibility to connect a headphone amplifier.

Volume control 
The volume control uses the ALPS RK27 "Big Blue" potentiometer with a nice "spoon in honey" feel and excellent channel synchronization. The volume can be remote controlled by the built-in motor. Please read the section "Remote Control".

Connected power amplifiers can be switched on and off from the Elector. For this purpose, only the AMP CTL sockets of the units must be connected with 3.5 mm mono jack cables.

The Elector sends a 12V trigger voltage from the two AMP CTL sockets (A & B) to switch one or two stereo power amplifiers (bi-wiring) or two mono blocks on and off.

Remote control
The volume can be controlled remotely. Any infrared remote control (IR) can be used as a remote control. The special thing is that not the remote control learns the commands of the Elector, but the other way round: the Elector learns your remote control!

Take for example the remote control of your CD player. From the many buttons you choose two that you use only rarely or not at all and that do not trigger any direct functions on the CD player.

The Apple Remote Control is also recommended. It is small and has few buttons. Assign the functions louder and quieter to two buttons and teach them to the Elector. The exact procedure for this can be found in the operating instructions and in the video "Learning the remote control".

VU meter
The two VU meters indicate the input level. The mechanical design "decelerates" the measurement. Very short level peaks are not displayed. Overall, a VU visualizes the perceived loudness or "energy".

VU is the abbreviation for "Volume Unit". The scaling is typically from about -20dB to plus +3dB.

The VU switch is used to switch the reference level for the VU display. In the center position 0, a VU display of 0 also corresponds to 0dB. In position 6 a VU display of 0 then corresponds to +6dB and in position 12 it corresponds to +12dB.

The SPL-VU display shows up to approx. +6dB. In position 12 the maximum level is displayed up to +18dBu. But even if this value is exceeded, the Elector will not overdrive. Thanks to VOLTAiR technology, there is an additional 15dB headroom.

Tape MonitorWare common in the 70s and 80s Cassette decks are the exception today. However, many people would like to be able to record on a tape machine or to be able to loop in external sound processing equipment such as equalizers.

This is exactly what we have revived the Tape Monitor loop-in path for. Now you can edit the sound of sources or record records on tape and listen back to the tape machine while recording (back tape control).

On the rear panel, next to the Tape Send and Tape Return jacks, there is a push-button switch for level adjustment. Consumer tape machines or cassette recorders as well as consumer equalizers etc. can be overridden with the level that is present at the Tape Send. Pressing the switch lowers the send level by 10dB. The returning signal is raised again by 10dB so that no level difference occurs and effective overload protection is provided.