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Teenage Engineering OP-Z

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Dream Machine - Multitimbral Synthesizer Including 16-Track Sequencer More than six... more

Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Dream Machine - Multitimbral Synthesizer Including 16-Track Sequencer

More than six years ago, Teenage-Engineering launched the OP-1. The revolutionary portable all-in-one synthesizer became an icon in the music industry. At launch, skepticism still spread and many considered it more of a toy than a real synthesizer because of its size, colorful knobs and unusual user interface - A synthesizer has to be big to sound big, right?

With the introduction of the OP-Z, the style-conscious Swedes are pushing all boundaries to a new level. This machine is so incredibly compact that it borders on outrageous. OP-Z is about half the size of its big brother, but has more DSP power that consumes less energy. The OP-Z is about much more than "just" composing music, though. The Z represents a third dimension: the depth and creativity of making music, whether animated art and video accompanying a live show, or sequenced lighting, to custom interactive software.

With an advanced 16-track sequencer where all tracks run independently, OP-Z allows individual track speed and track length. In addition, it is possible to add a custom step behavior to each of the 16 steps, a feature Teenage Engineering calls step components. Thus, you get a "dual layer sequencer" where the first layer is a traditional 16-step sequencer, while the second layer adds per-cycle variation, note variation, micro sequencing, direction, parameter changes, retrig's and more on each step. Theoretically, it is thus possible to create a complete song by programming only the first of 16 steps and using multiple step components to create endless variations.

However, in some situations it is almost impossible to predict the entire length of a sequence. That's why Teenage Engineering developed a special component called "catch up" that forces a track to drop out at a certain step to stay in sync. There are 14 components in total, divided into 3 groups: Triggers, Note Variants and Specials. All 14 components have 10 values and behavior programs - so there are a whole 140 ways to change just a single step. To make step-composing truly intuitive and super-fast, all buttons are backlit with multi-color LEDs including instant feedback - a must for poorly lit club gigs and late-night-in-bed compositions.

OP-Z is completely stand-alone and can be used anytime, anywhere. For those who need an extra dose of vibrant graphics, interactive user interface and fantastic synchronized animations to feel inspired, Teenage Engineering introduces the BYOS concept. Almost everyone carries a phone with a beautiful retina display in their pocket these days, right? Why not make use of this one? Just download the OP-Z app, pair both devices via BlueT'tooth, and you're good to go with more unique features. Among other things, images from a "camera roll" can be synced latency-free to a beat and spontaneously turned into video clips.


  • Advanced multi-speed 16-track sequencer

  • Ultra-stable plastic housing (50% fiberglass)

  • 2 octave keyboard

  • 51 buttons

  • 4 x multifunctional, color-coded, high-resolution encoders

  • Pressure sensitive pitch bend

  • Integrated MEMS microphone

  • 10 projects including 16 patterns each (160 user patterns)

  • 16 individual and independent synthesis, sampler and control tracks: kick, snare, percussion, sampler, bass, lead, arpeggio, chords, FX slot 1, FX slot 2, tape, mixer, MIDI, CV & trig, light and motion

  • 8 different sound engines

  • Step and live recording

  • Expandable modular effects architecture

  • 2 effect busses

  • Included effects: Delay, reverb, bitcrusher and distortion

  • Independent length per track

  • Endless sequencing steps

  • Independent tempo per track

  • Parameter Locks

  • Step Component Composing

  • 14 step components for advanced step sequencing

  • Pattern chaining

  • DMX light control and sequencing (via optional interface)

  • Connected to an iOS device, the iOS device acts as a screen for OP-Z

  • Free OP-Z app for iOS

  • Unity 3D compatible via special OP-Z toolkit

  • Volume control including power switch

  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE

  • Bluetooth pairing button

  • 29 RGB+White LEDs

  • 24 white LEDs

  • 48 kHz 24 bit DAC

  • 115 dB dynamic range

  • Analog Devices Blackfin 70X DSP

  • Cirrus Logic Audio Co-Processor

  • 1 year standby time

  • Battery life: approx. 6 hours

  • Connectors: USB C, 3.5 mm jack

  • Integrated loudspeaker

  • 16 included sample packs including 24 samples each

  • Expansion ports for future expansion

  • Includes USB C to Type A cable for charging and content management.

  • Dimensions: 212.5 x 57.5 x 10 mm

  • Weight: 180 g