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  • Waldorf Iridium - Available here.
  • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Top-Seller Drone.
  • Waves products available soon.
  • Sennheiser products available soon.

28 day Money Back Guarantee



28 - days Money Back Guarantee
Dear customer,
It could happen to anyone: You buy something with a firm conviction and then find out that the product you bought does not meet your expectations.
No problem! For all articles which contain the note "28 Days Money Back Guarantee" in the respective product description, we grant you as a consumer our Money Back Guarantee for another 14 days in addition to the legal 14-day right of revocation. Also as a commercial customer (no legal right of revocation at all ), you can get the full 28 days Money-Back Guarantee after prior consultation with us.
The only exceptions to this are goods that have been manufactured according to customer specifications (e.g. custom cases), articles subject to wear and tear or products that cannot be taken back for hygienic reasons (e.g. reeds for woodwind instruments already used by you) or for licensing reasons (e.g. software registered by you).
If you are not one hundred percent satisfied with an article purchased from MusoTec, please contact us, wait for our approval, pack the article and send it back to us. 
Please make sure that the goods are returned to us in the original packaging, with all accessories supplied and without signs of use!
This information applies to our 28-days Money-Back Guarantee. The exact 28 days Money Back Guarantee Conditions can be found HERE.
Your MusoTec Team