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About MusoTec

The family owned company MusoTec introduces itself !

Daniel as founder with family.


A warm welcome !

MusoTec is a company founded out of passion for music. As a founder I started to take my first musical steps at the age of 4 years. This venture was of course anything but easy and born in a rich house, I was not. But through the love for music, discipline, perseverance and unrestrained ambition, it went step by step in the desired musical direction. In order to gain a profound knowledge, I completed studies in electrical engineering, computer science and audio engineering. I gained my studio experience through 27 years of project work, worldwide own music releases and through working at distributors and manufacturers in the pro audio industry.

But then, when you don't expect it, I met my wife. She showed me that there are other important things in life. People who are at least as liveable and lovable as music. Our two children.

It came as it had to come. The children both began with shrill screams, but with time, sounds and passion joined them. The jingling of daddy and the many colorful lights magically attract the daughter. The son is already much further along and will almost certainly follow in Daddy's footsteps.

As holder of a pilot's license I was also enthusiastic about flying. For this reason I wanted to remain faithful to this hobby by an extension of the product range. Since the drone videos are usually very "quiet", we have everything in the pro-audio area to breathe life into them and are one of the best addresses in this industry.

The team of MusoTec currently includes 7 people. We are located in NRW in the small town Olfen. We have only been around since 2016 and we only have about 4200 customers, but with your support we hope that we can be there for you for many years. Get to know us, we would be pleased.

Your MusoTec Team

Here are a few insights into our everyday life.