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Korg Nautilus 61 Keys

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With the Nautilus , Korg revisits the idea of what a modern synthesizer workstation... more
Korg Nautilus 61 Keys

With the Nautilus, Korg revisits the idea of what a modern synthesizer workstation should be able to do. The fact that most operations are performed on the large, colorful 7" touch screen is quickly made clear by the clearly arranged control panel. Six knobs and buttons each are configurable by the user according to their own needs; depending on the mode, these are predefined and fulfill a fixed task such as setting the arpeggiator or the filter. The velocity-sensitive, lightly weighted keyboard provides a good playing feel. Closely related to this is the Dynamics control, which changes the keyboard's touch response. The range of expressivity is so high that it is sometimes hard to believe that you are still playing the same selected sound. In addition to numerous PCM sounds and drum kits, nine different tone generation models are among the highlights of the Korg Nautilus. Here, the musician is given several in-house classics such as MS-20, CX-3, Polysix and Prophecy, but also high-quality electric piano and grand piano sounds as well as string instruments and cutting-edge synthesizer sounds at hand.

Extensive sound generation

The sound engine of the Nautilus contains nine different tone generation methods, covering just about everything from high-quality pianos and wacky synthesizer sounds to select sounds for orchestral music or the tried-and-true sound requirements for rock and pop. Ex works the instrument is additionally equipped with about 760 MB of PCM sounds, this selection can be expanded by the user up to 2GB. A total of 2560 sounds and 104 drum kits are pre-installed.

  • SGX-2: high quality piano

  • EP-1: various electric piano models

  • CX-3: simulation of the CX-3 drawbar organ

  • HD-1: digital synthesizer with powerful, crystal-clear sounds

  • MS-20EX: simulation of the MS-20 synthesizer with extended possibilities

  • PolysixEX: reincarnation of the Polysix synthesizer from 1981

  • AL-1: good cross section of analog synthesizer sounds

  • MOD-7: handles the iconic Korg Prophecy / Z-1 sounds and even FM

  • STR-1: the physical modeling specialist for string instruments of all kinds

Effect power

Effects can be counted as part of the sound generation; the Korg Nautilus 61 has 16 effect processors that can be used to give your sounds the final touch. The twelve insert effects can be placed with one sound, one combination or even chained to another in the virtual mixer. Further final effects are available to refine the sum. The effects can even be used on the stereo audio input, making Nautilus just as good as a lush effects unit.


With the Open Sampling System, Korg has implemented an uncomplicated way to record samples from external audio sources and process them in the device, even resampling is possible. The maximum sampling time depends on the remaining amount of memory in the PCM Sounds memory or a maximum of 80 minutes in stereo in disc mode. Various sample formats such as AIFF, WAV, SoundFont 2.0 and AKAI S1000/3000 can be loaded via a USB stick. By means of a USB Ethernet adapter, Nautilus can be connected to a computer network, thus significantly speeding up data exchange between the instrument and a computer.

Sequencer and Live Functions

Of course, a comprehensively equipped synthesizer workstation cannot be without a sequencer. 16 note and audio tracks each offer themselves to support the musician in all his actions and to capture ideas. In addition, a new mode for inputting drums has been implemented, which you might know from most drum machines and groove boxes. Like most functions, this can be accessed via the touch display. An extensively adjustable arpeggiator is also on board, which can be applied to any note track. Some controls can be adjusted to your own needs, so that you always have the start/stop button at hand, for example, with a keystroke in the filter menu of a sound or the start/stop button. By the way, the touch display can be set to an eye-friendly night mode. Musicians who are working on different projects at the same time, for example, will appreciate the directly accessible set lists.

Free music software

Free of charge to the Nautilus, Korg provides a comprehensive software package as download. For changes and runability on Windows and Mac systems, please refer to the Korg homepage.

For iPad/iPhone:

  • Korg Gadget 2 Le

  • Korg Modules

For Mac/PC:

  • Korg Collection M1 Le

  • UVI Digital Synsations

  • AAS ultra Analog Session

  • AAS Strum Session

  • AAS Lounge Lizard Session

  • Reason Studios Reason lite

  • iZotope Ozone Elements

  • Skoove learning software

Other features:

  • Manufacturer: Korg

  • Type / Number of keys: 61

  • Touch response: Yes

  • Sound generation: Digital

  • Arpeggiator: Yes

  • Velocity curve adjustable: Yes

  • Number of faders: 1

  • Number of knobs: 7

  • Number of buttons: 26

  • Pitchbend, Modwheel: Joystick

  • Display: Yes, Touch

  • USB MIDI interface: Yes

  • Headphone jack: Yes

  • Sustain pedal connection: Yes

  • Recording capability: MIDI and audio recorder

  • Sampler: Yes

  • Midi interface: Yes

  • LINE IN: Yes

  • LINE OUT: Yes

  • Volume pedal connection: Yes

  • Weight (kg): 13

  • illuminated keys: Yes

  • Integrated effect processor: Yes

  • Number of sounds: 2560

  • polyphony: 400

  • Keyboard Split: Yes

  • Power supply: Internal power supply

  • Width by keyboard size:
    61 Keys - 106.2 cm
    73 Keys - 122.7 cm
    88 Keys - 143.7 cm

  • Height: 11.6 cm

  • Depth: 38.6 cm

  • Color: Black

  • Color designation: Black

  • 61, 73 or 88 keys, lightly weighted

  • velocity sensitive

  • 9 different synthesis methods

  • Large 7" touch display

  • Simplified operation

  • Assignable Quick Access buttons

  • Dynamics knob

  • New drum sequencer

  • 16 note tracks

  • 16 audio tracks

  • Arpeggiator

  • Sample function

  • 16 effect processors

  • Stereo input

  • Stereo output + 4 individual outputs

  • MIDI and data exchange via USB

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