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BOS course incl. A2 drone licence

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    BOS drone course incl. A2 licence at Copteruni 2 days theory + practice - 899€/person... more

    BOS course incl. A2 drone licence

    BOS drone course incl. A2 licence at Copteruni

    2 days theory + practice - 899€/person

    • 2 days theory & practice

    • A2 online course & exam incl.

    • Mission relevant contents

    • Scenario based training

    • Teacher-pupil control

    • Training drones with WBK

    • Personal support

    • Pass guarantee

    • Lifetime access

    You want to start a drone unit and don't know exactly where to begin? Then you feel the same as many other BOS. We can fully understand you, because there are many elements that need to be considered in order to form a successful drone unit.You are probably asking yourself what rules and laws there are for authorities and organisations with security tasks if you want to use a drone? What about insurance? Do pilots have to get a drone licence? If so, which one? Which drone is the best for my purpose? How can I integrate the drone into my emergency vehicles? What accessories do I need? What special mission tactics are there? How do I coordinate with other emergency services? What structure does my drone unit need to function properly? Copteruni has asked itself all these questions, and many more, and now has the answers. Why start from scratch when their team can easily guide you through all the steps that will lead to the success of your drone unit?

    The ultimate drone training course for authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS)
    Copteruni's innovative and well-structured classroom course takes you by the hand, guiding you through all the steps necessary to create your future drone unit. By the end of this course, you will have mastered many different areas of operation and flight techniques. You will also build up a very solid flying practice. In addition, our training will prepare you perfectly for future missions. Leaders are also welcome to come and get a better understanding of drone operations.

    Knowledge is power! - and necessary?
    Perhaps you have heard the rumour that authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS) do not need a drone licence? That's not wrong at first, but it's also not the whole truth: because you still need to have the same knowledge to control a drone, only you can save yourself the exam. At Copteruni, in addition to the A1/A3 licence, you also take the A2 licence (large drone licence). This means you can also fly your drone legally and relaxed outside of a mission.

    Learn to fly properly
    Of course, you must be able to control your drone in any situation, even without aids such as GPS or other assistance systems. And that's exactly what Copteruni teaches you in 2 days. You will learn how to fly properly in Attitude Mode, i.e. without GPS. This is the only way to gain enough self-confidence to fly the drone safely and in a relaxed manner, even in difficult situations. You will be taught the practice in a safe instructor-student configuration - e.g. on DJI Inspire 2 or DJI Mavic 2 Enterpise Advanced.

    From the field - for the field
    Copteruni will show you procedures for a coordinated, efficient and safe use of the drone. In addition, they will train you in the evaluation of images. You will master all operational tactics, so that classics such as searching for people, vegetation fires or situation reports are no problem.

    Learn from the real experts
    Copteruni's instructors are airline pilots, engineers, certified pilot instructors from the German Federal Aviation Authority, long-time drone pilots and managers from professional and volunteer fire brigades. Copteruni is an examining body designated by the Federal Aviation Authority to conduct the A2 drone licence exam entirely online. Their registration number is DE.PStF.008.

    What does the BOS seminar look like?
    One module corresponds to half a day each

    1st module: Theory 1
    On the first day, the A2 exam is optionally taken on site, if not already done online. After a short round of introductions and a brief excursion into BOS law, we will start directly with the tactical units and their tasks in drone operations. The rest of the theory is then filled with the standard operational procedure and the "normal operations". This already includes the most important part: "Possibilities and tactical options with the drone!"

    Module 2: Practice 1 - Basic Flight Training - You Have Control
    After a relaxed lunch, it's straight into the air with the drone. In an instructor-student constellation, mistakes are no problem, as you can intervene at any time. Without any pressure, diamonds are ?? formed ??.
    The focus here is on a good understanding of manual flying. In the fire brigade, no FPV racer is trained, but a safe and professional pilot - in every situation.

    3rd module: Theory 2
    The next day we briefly talk about what we have learned. Then follows the topic of human performance and "abnormal operations" - how we deal with stress and how an "abnormal situation" feels like a "normal operation"?

    Last but not least, you will be given a guide for training at home.

    4th Module: Practice 2 - Advanced Flight Training 
    After learning manual take-off and landing and basic flying on the previous day, the level is increased:
    Flying outside the Line Of Sight, FirstPersonView-Technique, as well as various aids and flight techniques for BOS operations. Here you mainly fly mission-relevant scenarios. A few small exercises are prepared to maximise your skills.

    You are not just booking a seminar! But a journey on the way to becoming a professional BOS drone pilot! And that's not all! You also get a lot of bonuses on top!

    BONUS 1 - A2 - Licence
    As a BOS unit you are the absolute role model. Accordingly, you should also be the absolute professionals. Copteruni's innovative course offers you a super foundation to be properly informed at all times and to have practical knowledge. With the beautifully designed video course, you prepare yourself before the seminar in self-study and learn everything relevant to the open category. At the end you can even do your A2 licence, all inclusive!

    BONUS 2 - Playbook BOS
    In addition to a handout and pocket cards on which the most important things are nicely summarised, you will also receive the Playbook BOS. Here you will find instructions for possible exercise scenarios, which you can easily implement and experience with your comrades at home. This way you will always stay in training even after the course.

    BONUS 3 - Support
    After the seminar is over, Copteruni is not out of the world. You have at least 30 days after the course to ask your questions or to have some topics briefly explained again.