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DJI Matrice M30 / M30T Training

DJI Matrice M30 / M30T Training
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DJI Matrice M30/T - Online Training Upon purchase, you will receive an access code for... more
DJI Matrice M30 / M30T Training

DJI Matrice M30/T - Online Training

Upon purchase, you will receive an access code for an online account at Copteruni to complete an online training course for the DJI Matrice M30/T. The code sent by us can be redeemed as a voucher code in the shopping cart at Copteruni after creating a customer account.

All our knowledge in one training!

In cooperation with Copteruni we have produced an online training that leaves nothing to be desired.

It is a video series with a running time of approx. 5:40 hours, which contains everything there is to know about the M30 series. The individual clips are sorted by topic and can be repeated as often as you like.

Everything you need to know about the DJI M30T!
The DJI Matrice 30 - Masterclass is the perfect online course for anyone who wants to get the most out of their new DJI Matrice 30 drone. From an in-depth look at all the drone's components and systems to a detailed explanation of the software and its settings, this course covers everything you need to know to get started with your Matrice 30. With additional flight training and thermography basics included, this is the perfect way to learn how to use your new drone to its full potential.

This is the course content:

1 Welcome!

  • A warm welcome

  • How to use this course

  • Exclusive Discounts

2 Introduction

  • Unboxing - What's in the box?

  • The Drone - Walkaround around the M30T

  • The batteries - How to use the TB30 batteries

  • The Remote Control - DJI RC Plus

  • The Charging Case - M30 Battery Station Maintenance and Care Instructions

3 The Software - Overview

  • Basic settings of the DJI RC Plus

  • Basic settings DJI Pilot App

  • Privacy settings - DJI Pliot App

  • Geozones - DJI Pilot App

  • Streaming Functions

  • Album and "Learn to fly" tab

  • Maintenance & Warranty

  • UAV Status and Management System

  • Preflight Check

  • FPV Camera View

  • Map View

  • Mission Planning / Waypoints

  • Mapping

  • Oblique view

  • Linear flight

  • Thermal imaging, zoom and wide-angle camera

4 The settings menu

  • Flight control - settings

  • Obstacle Avoidance - Settings

  • Remote control - settings

  • Image transmission - Settings

  • Battery - Settings

  • Gimbal - Settings

  • RTK - Settings

  • General - Settings

5 The Practice - Basic Flight Training

  • Pre-Flight Check / Commissioning

  • Compass Calibration

  • Take-off / Hover / Landing in GPS Mode

  • Take-off / Hover / Landing in ATTI Mode

  • Flying in GPS Mode

  • Flying in ATTI mode

  • Visual flight to FPV flight procedure - theory

  • Visual flight to FPV flight procedure - practice

  • Instrumentation

6 Thermography Basics

  • Basics and first examples

  • Heat signatures / Detecting game

  • Photovoltaic system / finding faults

7 Special functions

  • Set points / RTH

  • Tracking Function

  • Plan and execute waypoint flight

8 The Final

  • 3 Goodbay

  • Final Words

This is what sets this course apart!

Available 24/7 - You can learn when you want and from where you want. Around the clock, no matter what device you use, laptop, tablet or smartphone, it all works. And of course, you can start your course straight away, without waiting.

Learn from the pros - Learn from the absolute pros. Your personal coach Jan Evers is a real airline pilot. Thomas is THE DJI expert at Globeflight. Of course, both also have more than 10 years of flying experience on drones, including the award-winning Germany from Above.

Excellent support - online courses are great. But you're missing the personal touch? No problem! You can always get in touch with us in person. If it's urgent, you can always contact us by email, chat or phone.

This online product training is aimed at buyers or potential buyers of the DJI Matrice M30/T.