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  • Waldorf Iridium - Available here.
  • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Top-Seller Drone.
  • Waves products available soon.
  • Sennheiser products available soon.

Products from Focal

Focal has been developing and building monitor speakers for recording studios and headphones for more than 35 years. Headquartered in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal has been one of the leading manufacturers in the audio industry ever since, thanks to its unique technologies and constant innovation.

Focal employees have a passion for music and develop audio products that reproduce the best in music in crystal clear sound quality. Focal has a clear vision of drivers and loudspeakers that show the necessary respect by reproducing the smallest subtleties of the music being played. To do this, Focal pushes the boundaries of what is possible in sound technology and addresses challenges with an alternative mindset. With Focal, you experience sound in ways never seen before, and experience a whole new range of emotions.
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