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Antares Auto-Tune Pro X - Download

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    Updated compatibility For users of the latest Apple hardware, Antares Auto-Tune Pro X... more

    Antares Auto-Tune Pro X - Download

    Updated compatibility

    For users of the latest Apple hardware, Antares Auto-Tune Pro X natively supports Apple Silicon processors to provide faster and more efficient processing, regardless of how many instances are applied in a large session. In addition, Pro X will soon offer ARA2 support for select DAWs. ARA2 support allows for more precise communication between DAW and plug-in, meaning multiple tracks can be tuned and processed simultaneously, saving time in your sessions!

    Learn from the Pros

    Pro X has been redesigned from the ground up with a cleaner and more accessible preset manager. Each preset can be "liked" so you can quickly find, save, and recall settings for future projects, allowing you to focus more on the creative aspect of your productions. In addition to the redesigned Preset Manager, Auto-Tune Pro X includes an exclusive collection of artist presets that gives you unprecedented insight into how the pros work. Consisting of some of the greatest Auto-Tune artists such as Bainz, Bolooki, Damien Lewis, El Guincho and Nick Mac, this collection offers a tremendous range of creative and unique ways to apply Auto-Tune Pro X to your vocal recordings.

    The most authentic tuning plug-in on the market

    Antares Auto-Tune Pro X offers both Auto mode and Graph mode for all users. Both modes are designed to provide the most efficient and flexible workflow possible, with Auto mode including Basic view for quick and easy access to Auto-Tune Pro X's core features, and Advanced view for powerful MIDI control, scale editing, and vibrato control functions.

    Graph mode goes into even more detail, giving you control over every nuance within a performance. A sleek and intuitive interface lets you extensively edit the pitch of individual notes, including pitch curves and decay. Non-destructive time correction gives you the highest level of precision and control while preserving the character of the vocal performance, eliminating the need for re-recording! Time correction can be used as a creative tool as well as an editing function. You can manipulate phrasing, wording, and word placement to create interesting layers and textures to a vocal track.

    High performance, low latency

    Auto-Tune Pro X engine features a low-latency mode that allows it to be used in real-time applications without buffering, making it the ideal solution for live. For singers, this means you can monitor your pitch correction in real time as you perform to speed up your recording workflow.

    Stay in time with Auto-Key

    The Auto-Key plug-in is designed to save you time and improve your workflow. It automatically detects the key and scale of your performances and sends this information to each instance of the Auto-Tune Pro X plug-in. This way you can be sure that every note you strike is in exactly the right key, even if your knowledge of music theory isn't that advanced.

    Stay in control of your tuning

    New in Pro X is Antares Auto-Tune's Multi-View mode, which lets you quickly switch between independent Auto-Tune tracks in a single window for faster, more accurate editing of multiple tracks simultaneously. This is ideal when you're working with talent in the studio. You can quickly make the necessary changes to a vocal performance to spark creativity, without time-consuming window switching.

    Auto-Tune Pro X has a number of features that are extremely customizable to ensure the highest level of accuracy and authenticity. Flex-Tune and Humanise let you set a more transparent and natural-sounding pitch correction, while synthetic or natural vibrato can add flair to your performance.

    For composers, Auto-Tune is MIDI-compatible, meaning you can play your vocal performances on a MIDI keyboard while singing along to get real-time vocal correction. Also included is a simplified version of the Antares Throat plug-in, a modeling algorithm that lets you alter the vocal quality of your track.


    • Updated user interface offers the sleekest performance yet

    • Redesigned graphics mode provides extremely precise pitch correction with professional-level results

    • Fully adjustable parameters for Retune Speed, Flex-Tune and Humanize

    • Choose between Basic and Advanced modes depending on the depth required

    • Access to "Auto-Tune 5" sound in Classic mode

    • Includes a set of built-in editing and navigation tools for streamlined operation

    • Includes Auto-Key, a reliable plug-in for automatic key detection

    • Edit and control your performance in real time with MIDI

    • Low-latency mode enables fast, real-time editing without annoying buffer delays

    • Non-destructive time correction with maximum control and precision

    • Synthetic and natural vibrato controls to add flair to your tracks

    • Includes a simplified version of the proven Antares Throat plug-in for modeling vocal chord to modify your sound

    • Includes Auto mode for real-time pitch correction and pitch editing

    • Updated Preset Manager with an exclusive collection of artist presets

    • Native support for Apple Silicon processors offers improved efficiency and performance on the latest hardware, even for larger sessions

    • Multi-View allows switching between independent Auto-Tune Pro X tracks in one window for faster editing of multiple tracks simultaneously

    • Set the mood with Light and Dark skin modes

    • Whether you're looking to quickly enhance one vocal or put the finishing touches on an entire performance, the lightning-fast workflow and accuracy will help you take your vocal production to the next level.

    • Coming soon: Enhanced ARA2 support for select DAWs.



    • Mac:

      • AAX nativ:

        • Pro Tools 2018.1 or later

        • macOS 10.14 to 12.x according to your version of Pro Tools


        • A compatible VST host application that supports the VST3 format.

        • macOS 10.14 to 12.x depending on the host's requirements.

      • Audio Units:

        • A compatible host program that supports the AU format.

        • macOS 10.14 to 12.x depending on host requirements

    • Windows:

      • AAX Nativ:

        • Pro Tools 2018.1 or later

        • Windows 10

      • VST3:

        • A compatible host program that supports the VST3 format.

        • Windows 10