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Korg Nautilus 61

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Following in the footsteps of the titans, the KORG NAUTILUS uses the nine sound engines of... more

Korg Nautilus 61

Following in the footsteps of the titans, the KORG NAUTILUS uses the nine sound engines of the KORG Kronos and guarantees a completely new and very clear operating concept. The simple and elegant design of the new synthesiser guarantees an excellent overview of all areas, quick access to excellent sounds as well as flexible functions and offers the highest ease of use. 

The synthesiser's sounds are divided into three important categories, with "standard", "current" and "unique" sounds giving the instrument a distinctive character. The latest generation of processors gets far more out of the nine advanced sound engines than was ever possible before. The SGX-2 piano sound engine, familiar from the Kronos, has been expanded in the NAUTILUS with additional grand piano sounds and, in addition to setting string resonances as desired and grading in 12 different velocity levels, also offers the possibility of changing the hall acoustics of the respective instrument. The SGX-2 and all other sound engines, such as the EP-1 electric piano engine, the CX-3 drawbar engine, the HD-1 PCM engine, the MS-20EX analogue modelling engine, the PolysixEX modelling engine, the AL-1 analogue modelling engine, the MOD-7 VPM/FM sound engine and the STR-1 physical modelling engine, as well as all the associated parameters, can be easily configured via the 7" TouchView display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution or via the retractable knobs on the control panel. 

If you ever need help locating the corresponding sound in the instrument, the search and preview function makes it easy to sift through all the sounds, which are based on over 1,770 multisamples. Your favourite sounds and combinations that you often use can be saved in a list of favourites by means of "asterisks". This way, you have your favourite sounds at hand in a flash. The NAUTILUS also offers six freely programmable quick-access buttons that can lead directly to certain menus or functions. Four preset settings and four user assignments are available here.

A polyphonic arpeggiator with more than 1,500 presets, a drum track with more than 1,200 patterns and a step sequencer are available in every mode and enhance music-making in a contemporary way in combination with the new sounds. All settings can be configured perfectly for live use, saved and recalled later in set list mode. An indispensable function in live operation. 

The 16 effects processors and the 3-band EQ for each track are also easy to access thanks to the new operating concept. The expressiveness of a sound can also be perfectly adapted to the respective requirement with the separate Dynamics control in the control panel. In this way, sounds can be played in an instant either very dynamically and elegantly or punchily with less dynamic range, in order to assert themselves better.

In addition, the instrument comes with a download code for an extensive and free range of additional software. Besides KORG software instruments, this package includes the "Ozone Elements" software by iZotope, a "Reason Lite" DAW software and the "Skoove" learning software. 

  • 9 modernised sound engines of the Kronos workstation

  • New operating concept with Mode and Quick Access buttons

  • 7" TouchView display (800 x 480 pixels) with dark mode

  • Realtime controllers (retractable) for sound editing

  • Polyphonic arpeggiator, drum track and step sequencer (4 scenes each)

  • Set list mode for perfect live performances

  • Search and preview function for sounds and combinations

  • Favorite sound function to set favourite sounds

  • 3-band EQ for each track (midi and audio)

  • Smooth Sound Transition - prevents dropouts when changing sounds

  • Dynamics control for expressive sound settings

  • Sampling function for custom sound creation

  • 16-track audio recording (24-bit, 48 kHz)

  • 16 effect processors, 2 master effect paths and 2 total effects

  • USB type A for midi controller and keyboard connection

  • USB type B for USB midi and audio

  • 61-key keyboard with lightly weighted keys

  • Free software bundle (KORG software instruments, Reason Lite, Ozone Elements, Skoove)