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Modal Skulpt SE

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Modal SKULPT Synthesizer Skulpt is a virtual analog synthesizer. Each of the four voices... more
Modal Skulpt SE

Modal SKULPT Synthesizer

Skulpt is a virtual analog synthesizer. Each of the four voices has eight oscillators, which are controlled by two knobs and produce particularly wide and dense sounds. This allows continuous morphing through different waveforms.


  • Compact desktop synthesizer

  • Virtual analog structure

  • 32 oscillators, 8 per voice

  • Wave 1: sinus - triangle - sawtooth - rectangle - PWM

  • Wave 2: sinus - triangle - sawtooth - smoking - lowpass filter

  • Osc level mixer with FM, PWM, tuning and ring modulation options

  • Monophonic, duophonic and polyphonic modes available

  • Unison / spread option to detune the 32 oscillators for fat sound

  • 8-slot modulation matrix with 8 sources and 37 destinations

  • 3 x envelope generators for filter, amplitude and modulation

  • 2 x Audio-Rate LFOs, one global and one polyphonic LFO

  • Real-time sequencer, with 256 notes and 4 parameters Recording capacity

  • Fully featured arpeggiator with division, direction, octave, swing, and sustain controls

  • Resonance filter, morphable from low pass to high pass

  • Delay and distortion effects (waveshaping overdrive)

  • MIDI Clock Synchronization for LFOs and Delay

  • 128 patch and 64 sequence memories

  • MIDI keyboard with 16 touch-sensitive keys

  • Polychain, up to four devices and up to 16 voices

  • Protective cover that also fits under the unit for a raised work surface

  • MIDI DIN input and output

  • Analog clock in/out for synchronization (KORG / Teenage Engineering specification)

  • Class compliant MIDI via USB to host computer or tablet

  • Headphone and line output

  • Powered by USB or 6 x AA batteries

  • Dimensions: 255 x 135 x 68 mm (WxDxH)