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SPL MixDream

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The MixDream is a cascadable 16-in-2 outboard summator that adds active stereo summing and... more
SPL MixDream

The MixDream is a cascadable 16-in-2 outboard summator that adds active stereo summing and insert functionality to any DAW, based on discrete Class A technology at 60V (+/-30V). This results in extremely high slew rates, a low noise level of -97dBu (A-weighted, 16 channels open) and a high dynamic range of over 125dB. Thus the MixDream surpasses the technical level of the best consoles.


  • High-quality analog summation on only 2U

  • No more mixing desk necessary

  • High-quality construction with Class A/60V stages for analog, active summation in the quality of best analog consoles

  • 16 balanced insert paths for optimal integration of analog effects into the DAW

  • Reduction of A/D conversions (14 A/D conversions less with fully loaded inserts), summation of all analog tracks before A/D conversion

  • Channel settings and automation (level, panorama, etc.) are still done in the DAW - the digital comfort is fully maintained.

  • Lower processor utilization of the DAW

  • Simple re-sampling of individual tracks, latency-free monitoring

  • Surroundable (from 3 MixDream units)

  • Number of channels can be extended by any number of additional units

  • Analog peak limiter for powerful loudness gain

  • Sensitive and transparent stereo width control

  • Master inserts and switchable output transformers

  • Optimised signal paths, all switching functions via relays

  • Separate differential amplifier for each input

  • Discreet, low-noise power supply unit

  • Frequency range: '1Hz-220kHz (+/- 3dB)

  • THD+N: -104 dB (20Hz-22 kHz, input level +10 dBu, all channels active)

  • Signal-to-noise ratio: -97 dBu (20Hz-22 kHz, A-weighted, all channels active)

  • Max. Input level: +28 dBu (@1kHz)

  • Max. Output level: +28 dBu (@1kHz/THD+N -95dB)

  • Dynamic range: 125 dB (20Hz-22 kHz, A-weighted, all channels active)

  • Crosstalk L/R: -97 dB @1 kHz

  • Common mode rejection: '70dB (@1kHz, input level +10dBu)

  • Input impedance: 10 kOhm (for input 1-16, expansion, insert return)

  • Output impedance: 82 Ohm (for master/monitor output without transformer, ins. send)

  • Output impedance: 65 Ohm (for master/monitor output with transformer)

  • Power consumption: 75 W

  • 19" rack format with 2 HE