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Waldorf Quantum

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The Quantum is a new generation synthesizer. Different forms of synthesis are combined to... more
Waldorf Quantum

The Quantum is a new generation synthesizer. Different forms of synthesis are combined to an expressive instrument with infinite possibilities. The basis is formed by three digital oscillators, each providing four forms of synthesis. In the centre, a large multitouch screen provides access to sound parameters and detailed visual feedback. On the right you have envelopes, analog filters and other important elements classically under control via the knob. The sound universe the Waldorf Quantum spans is inexhaustible and ranges from traditional to never heard sounds.

  • Digital-analog polyphonic synthesizer

  • High quality Fatar TP8 keyboard with 61 keys

  • 8 voices

  • Dual timbral: split or layered mode with separate stereo outputs

  • 3 stereo digital oscillators with four synthesis forms each

  • Wavetable: Waldorfstyle with the latest Nave technology including speech synthesis and generation of wavetables from external audio sources

  • Waveform: Waveform with up to 8 simultaneous waveforms per oscillator in Detuned or Chordal mode with Hard-Sync, Warp, PWM and pitchable noise

  • Particle: Granular sampler with multi-sampling and traditional sampling mode

  • Resonator: Exciter with multi-sampling and filterbank modeling

  • Two analog low-pass filters per voice - both 24 or 12 dB switchable with innovative link mode

  • Digital Former: Additional digital algorithms per voice like comb filter, high, low & bandpass as well as notch filter (Nave, Largo or PPG models), bit crusher, drive and more

  • Flexible routing system for the arrangement of analog filters, digital formers and oscillator routings

  • 6 LFOs in poly and global mode with extensive adjustment possibilities

  • 6 loopable envelopes

  • Complex: Multistage LFO/Envelope Modulator

  • Extensive modulation matrix with up to 40 entries and simple controller assignment

  • Intuitive modulation assignment via controls and control LEDs

  • Master effects with 5 slots each for both timbres with effects like Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Reverb, Drive, EQ and more

  • Compressor for the main output

  • Arpeggiator

  • Step sequencer with steprecorder, parameter automation and scale-based pitch quantization

  • Microtonal configurable with the possibility to import scale scl files

  • Polyphonic aftertouch can be processed via the MIDI inputs

  • chord and hold functions

  • Unison mode

  • Module based preset system for effects, oscillators, step sequencer and complex modulator

  • Extensive potentiometers and encoders for intuitive sound editing

  • Visual sound editing via the high-resolution multitouch display

  • Spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope switchable in different ranges of the signal flow

  • Up to 10,000 sound patches that can be filtered by bank, attribute, sound designer and patch number

  • Favorites list for quick access to frequently used sounds, such as a set list

  • Factory presets from well-known sound designers

  • MIDI outputs for keyboard and panel controls (assignable as MIDI CC)

  • Automation of sound parameters via the MIDI inputs using MIDI CC teaching function

  • Recording samples from the audio inputs or the Quantum audio output

  • 4 GB*) internal flash memory for presets, samples and wavetables

  • More than 1GB of pre-installed audio samples

  • Export and import of presets, sample and wavetable via SD card

  • Import of Nave Presets


  • 2 x stereo audio outputs for both timbres can be used separately

  • Stereo audio input for sample recording and real-time processing

  • High quality 24bit A/D and D/A converters

  • Headphone output with its own volume control

  • Connection for sustain pedal

  • Control pedal connector, which can also be used as CV input (0-5V sensitivity)

  • USB host port type A e.g. for MIDI controller

  • USB Device Type B connector for connection to a computer or other MIDI USB hosts such as iOS devices **)

  • SD Card for sample/preset exchange and software updates

  • DIN MIDI In, Out and Thru

  • Built-in power supply unit

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