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reProducer Epic 4 reProducer Epic 4
Compact active nearfield studio monitors Designed for small and large rooms Epic 4 is the most compact development to date from reProducer Audio Labs. These compact behemoths immerse small rooms in rich, detailed and transparent sound. Their passive radiator provides a deep low-end, while the Epic 4's midrange and treble rival the sound reproduction capabilities of many...
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reProducer Epic 5 reProducer Epic 5
Active Nearfield Studio Monitors Purely analog The reProducer Audio Labs development team opted for a purely analog signal routing with high-quality components right from the very beginning. Therefore, signal transmission takes place directly and is unadulterated, and DSP compensation is rendered completely unnecessary. Homogeneous sound For even sound reproduction,...
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€1,489.90 *
reProducer Epic 55 reProducer Epic 55
Active Midfield Studio Monitor Tower of power Sometimes you need a more prominent speaker. The Epic 55 precision midfield studio monitor is that speaker, recently released from the reProducer R&D labs. This double-headed beast was a natural evolution based on the outstanding reception and feedback for the Epic 5 nearfield monitor. So the engineers returned to the labs and...
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