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Arturia PolyBrute NOIR

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One of the boldest and most expressive analog synthesizers ever in color black. The... more
Arturia PolyBrute NOIR

One of the boldest and most expressive analog synthesizers ever in color black.

The basic idea of the Polybrute is that the sound can morph.

Wouldn't it be fascinating if a velvety pad could morph into a plucked string, or a sub-bass could morph into a pad? With the Morphée Pad the sound can be changed with the fingers in 3 dimensions. The matrix allows a variety of modulations, which can also be controlled with the ribbon controller made of black walnut wood. 6 powerful voices, 384 factory presets and 3 digital effect slots are waiting to be explored. The PolyBrute shares the same DNA of its predecessors, but adds some new possibilities. A truly fat sound. PolyBrute lives in symbiosis with its software editor and is radically different from any other synthesizer ever released. We hope that you are as proud as we are to present such a beautiful instrument to the world.

UNLIMITED SOUND - Sure, PolyBrute can create classic sounds of the 70s and 80s with ease; the digital effects also contribute to its versatility. But the morphing capabilities, coupled with the matrix and some carefully selected innovative features, make it a sound design playground. You have never heard anything like it!

INNOVATION - From the 3-dimensional morphing pad to the wooden ribbon controller and the motion recorder, PolyBrute puts the creativity of the musician in the center of attention.

FASTER WORKFLOW - No shift key, no menu browsing: a pure hands-on experience. The detailed OLED display lets you edit all PolyBrute settings directly on the synthesizer. If you want to change the PolyBrute settings from your computer, this is also possible. With the VST Editor.

QUALITY - Black walnut, durable components, a keyboard with a professional feel - everything from the PolyBrute was designed with quality in mind... and you can feel it!


  • 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer

  • Two analog oscillators - sawtooth, triangle + metalizer, rectangle + pulse width, Sub Osc, FM and Sync

  • Noise generator with crossfadeable noise color

  • Oscillator and noise mixer with filter routing

  • 12dB Multimode Steiner Parker filter with continuous LP > HP > BP Morphing & Brute Factor

  • 24dB Low Pass Ladder Filter with Filter Drive

  • Filter FM with oscillator or noise FM modulation

  • Three envelope generators, ADSR's with loop function

  • Three LFOs - Two multi-waveform LFOs with Phase, Fade-In and Sync options - LFO3 has a variable waveform and advanced retrigger capabilities

  • Motion Recorder - motion recording of the pots, faders, ribbon and morphée, play the recorded movements as a one-shot or loop

  • Three digital effect slots - Modulation, Reverb and Delay - Multiple FX presets per slot. Send, Insert or True Bypass Modes

  • 12x32 modulation matrix - Up to 32 targets and 64 connections

  • 64 step polyphonic sequencer - key, accent, slide and 3 parameter mod tracks

  • OLED Display & Preset browsing - 768 presets, thereof 384 factory presets

  • 61-key keyboard with touch dynamics and aftertouch

  • Ribbon Controller

  • Morphée XYZ Controller - Morphing control, sequencer randomization or matrix mode

  • Stereo Master Out

  • Sync in/out

  • Pedal connections - sustain + two expression pedals

  • MIDI and USB

  • PolyBrute companion software - edit and view presets including morphing, preset management, plug-in version for DAW

  • Color: black

Dimensions: 972 x 378 x 110mm
Weight: 20 Kg

Scope of delivery: PolyBrute, power cord, Quickstart, registration