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Auratone 5C & A2-30 AMP Bundle - black

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Out now as bundle - Cube and Amp Passive reference loudspeakers in original... more
Auratone 5C & A2-30 AMP Bundle - black

Out now as bundle - Cube and Amp

Passive reference loudspeakers in original Auratone quality, manufactured in the USA with high-quality components, uncomplicated handling and flexible positioning, linear full-range frequency response, good power handling even at high levels, classic design with mahogany veneer on the outside and black veneer on the front and back.

Technical data:

  • Original Auratones

  • Passive reference monitors

  • Made in the USA

  • Frequency response: 75-15,000 Hz

  • Impedance: 8 Ω

  • Driver: 4 1/2" Full Range; magnetically shielded

  • SPL/Sensitivity: 90 DB @ 1w/1m

  • Sealed 5/8" MDF CabinetF

  • Power handling: 25 Watt RMS/50 Watt Peak

  • Dimensions: 165mm (W) x 165mm (H) x 152mm (D)

  • Weight: 6 kg / pair - Delivery in pairs only!

The Amp

Auratone activates the legendary Super Sound Cubes! The new amplifier Auratone A2-30 is precisely tuned to the small 5C sound cubes that have served as a reference for countless producers. For the first time, the famous loudspeakers can be operated completely with technology from Auratone.

Compact cabinet, neutral sound: Auratone A2-30
The new power amplifier A2-30 from Auratone is externally unimpressive. The two times 30 watts of power (into 8 ohms) are concealed in a black metal housing whose dimensions are based on the speakers for which the amp was developed: 6.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep, but only one unit of height high, the A2-30 takes up the same floor space as a 5C Super Sound Cube. Above all, however, the amplifier impresses with its sound, which maintains the strengths of the popular speakers: neutral, transparent, honest. Mixing with Auratones means making reliable decisions, and this is exactly where the A2-30 helps the engineer.

Minimum features, maximum effect
Auratone remains true to the concept of 5C Super Sound Cubes in the A2-30 and keeps the technology minimalist: a power switch, a status LED with clipping indicator, a pair of XLR inputs and a set of screw terminals for connecting the passive speakers. The Class-D amplifier brings signals to your ears cleanly and without discolouration - simply the ideal partner for the 5C Super Sound Cubes. With optional rack wings, the A2-30 can also be seamlessly integrated into the rest of the studio peripherals.

5C Super Sound Cubes: A legend is activated
Since the 1970s, the name Auratone has been one of the established names in recording studio equipment. Countless hit productions have been perfected via the small passive full-range loudspeakers 5C Super Sound Cubes, and countless meterbridges cannot be imagined without the much-loved sound cubes. After production was discontinued in 1990, the originals have been available again since 2015 - and are still enjoying great popularity today. The concept of a minimalist loudspeaker that acts as a point source, bringing astonishing transparency and spatiality as well as a helpful midrange focus to the production studio, continues to be successful. With the A2-30, the many existing and future fans worldwide no longer have to rely on amplification from other manufacturers, but can rely directly on the well-known strengths of Auratone.

High-end production for the perfect view in the mix
Auratone is only satisfied with the best. For the construction of the A2-30 amplifier, the American company has sought a partner whose name is synonymous with high-end audio: Bettermaker. The high-quality workmanship ensures that users can make reliable mix decisions for many years with their combination of 5C Super Sound Cubes and the A2-30 amp.

Price and availability
The Auratone A2-30 is available immediately and is distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland exclusively by Audiowerk. It is sold individually or in combination with a pair of 5C Super Sound Cubes. The recommended retail price is 355.00 Euro for the amplifier and 738.00 Euro for the bundle.


  • compact Class-D amplifier

  • specially developed for the 5C Super Sound Cubes

  • same footprint as the Auratone 5C

  • unaltered transparent and linear sound

  • minimalist approach

  • implemented by the high-end manufacturer Bettermaker