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Modal Argon 8X

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iPad / Tablet is not included in this offer Polyphonic Wavetable Synthesizer... more

Modal Argon 8X

iPad / Tablet is not included in this offer

Polyphonic Wavetable Synthesizer

The Modal Electronics Argon8X is an 8-Voice Polyphonic Keyboard Synthesizer with Wavetable sound generation. The velocity-sensitive Fatar TP9/S Keyboard (with Aftertouch) provides superb interaction with your synthesis. Dark Wooden Side Panels, the Brushed-Steel surface and the high-quality controls make a binding impression. Thanks to the OLED Screen, you always have the important functions in view; even the Waveform is displayed, as on an oscilloscope.

Synthesis & Filters 

At the heart of the Argon8X are 2x high-resolution Wavetable Oscillators, which produce their sounds from 120x Wavetables organized in 24x Banks of 5x sets each. They are the same Wavetables used by the Modal 002 Synth. Oscillator 2 is also capable of classic PWM and 4-Noise variants. Wavetables are processed by 28x Processors are available on the Oscillator level, which are capable of Wavefolding, Wave Rectifiers and Bit-Crushing among other things, and thus represent an astonishing extension of the existing spectrum. 8x additional Oscillator modifications can be used for both Tone Generators, covering AM, FM, Ring Modulation, Hard Sync and others. The carefully generated sound is then processed by a resonant 12dB Multi-Mode Morphing Filter, which can morph continuously from Low-Pass through Band-Pass to High-Pass.

Modulation & Controller 

There is no boredom with the Argon8X, thanks to the flexibly assignable Modulation Sources. In addition to the 3x dedicated ADSR Envelopes for VCA, VCF and Mod, there are 2x LFOs that can be operated either BPM synchronously or up to the audio range. An X/Y Joystick not only replaces the Pitch and Mod Wheels, but is also an independent Modulation Source. Any Modulations that are not firmly connected can be freely assigned in the Modulation Matrix. A total of 8x slots are to be occupied with 11x Sources and 52x Destinations.


3x powerful and independent Stereo Effect Processors add the finishing touches to any sound. Wide-open Delays, versatile Reverbs, jet-like Flangers or pleasantly waving Phasers and Chorus Effects can be assigned to each patch, whilst Distortion at the end of the signal chain helps you get the bite you need. For effect combinations, 100x Memory Slots are provided.

Memory & App 

100x Patterns can be found in the Argon8X. Each Pattern can be up to 512x Steps (32 Bars) long and can record up to 4x additional parameters in the sequence in addition to the note information. An alternative to the Sequencer a highly developed, programmable Arpeggiator with 32x Steps does its job. With 300x Factory Pre-Sets and 200x User Patches, you have direct access to 500x Sounds. With the free Modal App the Instrument can be easily edited via iOS, OS X, Win7 (and higher) and Android 6 (and higher). The App also gives you access to other Modulation Sources and allows you to easily exchange Memory Locations or load new sounds.


  • 8-Voice Polyphonic Wavetable Synthesizer

  • Fatar TP9/S Full-Size 61-Note Keyboard

  • Multiple Keyboard Modes (Mono, Poly, Unison 2, Unison 4, Unison 8, Stack 2 & Stack 4)

  • Glide/Portamento (with Legato & Staccato Modes)

  • OLED Screen

  • 32-Step Programmable Arpeggiator

  • Waveshaping Distortion

  • Voice Drift & Width Controls

  • 11x Modulation Sources & 52x Modulation Destinations

  • 32x High-Resolution Wavetable Oscillators (4x per Voice)

  • 120x Wavetables (24x Banks of 5x Morphable Waveform Sets)

  • 32x Static Wavetable Modifiers

  • 8x Oscillator Modifier Types

  • 500x Patch Memories (300x Factory Programs)

  • 100x Sequencer Pre-Sets

  • 100x FX Pre-Sets

  • 8x Quick Recall Slots

  • 3x Dedicated Envelope Generators

  • 3x Stereo FX Engines

  • 2x Audio Rate LFOs

  • 4-Axis Joystick

  • MIDI DIN In/Out

  • USB Connection

  • Analogue Clock Sync In/Out

  • 3.5mm Stereo Input

  • Steel/Aluminium Chassis

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 885 x 100 x 300mm

  • Finish: Grey


  • Manufacturer: Modal

  • Construction / Number of Keys: 61

  • Velocity sensitive: Yes

  • Sound Generation: Digital

  • Arpeggiator: Yes

  • Aftertouch: Yes

  • Number of Knobs: 29

  • Number of Keys: 24

  • Pitchbend, Modwheel: Joystick

  • Display: Yes

  • USB MIDI Interface: Yes

  • Headphone Connection: Yes

  • Sustain Pedal Connection: Yes

  • Mounting Options: MIDI Step Sequencer

  • MIDI Interface: Yes

  • LINE IN: Yes

  • LINE OUT: Yes

  • Volume Pedal Connection: Yes

  • incl. Power Adapter: Yes

  • Integrated Effects Processor: Yes

  • Number of Sounds: 500

  • Polyphony: 8

  • Power Supply: Adapter, external