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Polyend Play

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Sequence. Perform. Play. Polyend Play is probably the most flexible and inspiring... more
Polyend Play

Sequence. Perform. Play.

Polyend Play is probably the most flexible and inspiring groovebox ever created. With over 3000 samples and 8 tracks of audio sequencing, beats can be created right out of the box and refined with a variety of playback tools and effects.

Being creative has never been easier: sounds are quickly found thanks to intelligent categorization and played in with the high-quality silicone pads in the 8×16 grid. The Perform mode then offers even more options for creating new grooves. Play's powerful sequencer also offers 8 polyphonic MIDI tracks for integrating external equipment.

Play has 35 different playback modes, chance and action combos, randomizer and step repeater functions. Thus, every track can be designed according to your own wishes. For supplementary inspiration, the Smart Fill option is available, it automatically fills any area with a whole beat, a random arrangement of steps or even a Euclidean distribution. Steps, tracks, track pages, variations and patterns can be easily moved back and forth using Hold&Drag.

In performance mode, effects such as tune, filter, overdrive, rearranger, reverb and many others can be used to make non-destructive changes to tracks. Automations can be recorded live, but individual step values can also be changed on the fly, and monophonic or polyphonic MIDI data can be recorded using an external controller or the built-in keyboard. Thanks to customizable pattern chaining, entire sequences can be picked up at any point in the grid and performed live. Patterns can be saved and recalled instantly - perfect if something goes wrong during a live performance.

The sequencer offers over 30,000 track variations, these result from 128 patterns with 16 tracks, each track can contain up to 16 variations. For each track, length (1 to 64 steps), tempo, playback mode and even swing can be set separately. Perfect for polymetric and polyrhythmic sequences. The 8 polyphonic midi tracks are great for integrating external synths and drum machines on individual tracks. Full MIDI capabilities with flexible MIDI CC assignment per track for the individual knobs and connectivity to an external controller for MIDI note input complete the features. Chords, arpeggios, program and bank changes, pitch bend, clock and much more can also be output.


  • Sample and MIDI based groovebox with low learning curve and high fun factor.

  • Intuitive control concept

  • 8 internal audio tracks

  • 8 polyphonic MIDI tracks

  • RGB silicon pad

  • 8×16 grid for sequencer

  • 8×4 grid for track functions - mute, solo, variation, select

  • 1 push encoder

  • 15 Touch Sens encoders with double-tap function

  • Powerful sequencer with 8 audio and 8 polyphonic MIDI tracks

  • Perform mode with real-time and punch-in effects

  • Intuitive and versatile song creator

  • Track Speed, Length, Swing independently adjustable

  • 16 variations per track

  • 128 patterns per project

  • Advanced randomizer

  • Unique step repeater

  • Random function

  • DJ style filter

  • Master FX (reverb, delay, sound, limiter, saturation)

  • Unique Perform mode with a variety of presets

  • High quality sample packs included

  • MicroSD card slot

  • Stereo output (3.5 mm jack)

  • MIDI in/out (3.5 mm jack including adapter to 5 pin DIN jack)

  • USB-C connector

  • Power supply via USB

  • Low power consumption: 5V/1A

  • Power supply via powerbank, computer or mains adapter

  • Delivery includes USB power adapter, USB-C cable, MIDI adapter

  • Audio adapter and 16GB MicroSD card included

  • Robust front panel made of anodized aluminum

  • High quality mechanical buttons, encoders and silicone pads

  • High resolution screen

  • Dimensions: 27.5 x 21.25 x 3.75cm

  • Weight: 1.8kg

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