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Teenage Engineering Modular 400

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The Pocket Operator family is once again breaking boundaries - The small, battery-powered... more
Teenage Engineering Modular 400

The Pocket Operator family is once again breaking boundaries - The small, battery-powered and affordable synthesizers are now expanding into the modular analog universe with the Pocket Operator Modular series.

To explore the fun of modular synthesis in an effortless way, Teenage Engineering has developed a total of three DIY kits that include everything needed to get started. Just bend, assemble and patch! It's never been easier to get started with modular music making. All kits come complete with all the parts you need and include an illustrated color manual with clear instructions.

Pocket Operator Modular 400 is a monophonic analog synthesizer with 16 modules, 3 oscillators, noise random generator, 2 VCAs, LFO, filter, a built-in programmable sequencer, mixer and integrated speaker cabinet. Powered by the included battery pack and runs on 8 AA batteries (AC adapter optional).


  • Easy to build DIY kit (No soldering).

  • Fully modular synthesizer with a total of 16 modules

  • 3 oscillators

  • 1 low pass filter

  • 2 ADSR envelopes

  • 2 VCA

  • 1 LFO

  • Noise and random generator

  • 1-16 step sequencer

  • Mixer

  • integrated speaker

  • clock output level +10 volts

  • 3.5 mm mini jack sockets

  • Includes illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions

  • Includes 15 patch cables

  • Powered by included battery pack (8X AA batteries)

  • Does not include power supply (requires 12 volts, 1 A, minus inside)