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Avid Carbon DSP Interface

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Pro Tools | Carbon from Avid is a new generation audio interface for solo artists, bands,... more

Avid Carbon DSP Interface

Pro Tools | Carbon from Avid is a new generation audio interface for solo artists, bands, and producers. This new hybrid audio production system delivers superior sound quality, combining the native power of the computer with built-in HDX DSP acceleration. When mixing, you can push Pro Tools® to the performance limits of the native system; when recording, you take advantage of the ultra-fast performance of the built-in DSPs with near-latency-free monitoring of <1ms. All at the touch of a button - all within Pro Tools.

With 8 HDX DSPs under the hood, Avid's market-leading technology for recording and monitoring at <1ms is now available to a wider range of artists, producers, and engineers. New in the wake of this is the "Hybrid Engine," which is at the heart of intelligent integration of the hardware with Pro Tools. This allows the real-time processing of the AAX DSP plug-ins to be offloaded to the Carbon hardware as needed. The result is a smooth workflow that promotes creative, inspired work, bringing out the best in the artistic process.

Carbon connects to the computer via Ethernet based on the AVB protocol and uses the Core Audio driver to connect to Pro Tools, allowing other DAWs to use Carbon as an interface at the same time.

Carbon comes with a Pro Tools Standard 1-year license, which will convert to a perpetual license without an active update plan after one year if not renewed in time. Buyers who already own a Pro Tools license (Standard or Ultimate with active support plan) can use the included license as a one-year renewal.

Also included are perpetual licenses of exquisite third-party AAX DSP plug-ins worth over $1,100.
Intelligent Pro Tools Integration. Get latency-free recording with "Hybrid HDX Tracking." Everything at the touch of a button. Everything in Pro Tools.
Superior sound quality. Excellent converters, preamps and clocking, and a 32-bit gain structure from the input through HDX DSPs to Pro Tools ensure that every last detail is reproduced when recording.
Perfect tape recording. With 25 inputs and 34 outputs, 8 mic preamps and 4 headphone outputs, Carbon is suitable for any recording session - from solo artists to bands.
Latency: <1ms. Same DSP acceleration as high-end HDX systems - standard in Pro Tools.
Over 70 AAX DSP plugins ready to use out of the box.
Premium plugins from leading third parties included (perpetual licenses). Since each AAX DSP plug-in has a native counterpart, the plug-ins can be used even when Carbon is not connected to the computer.
Made for Pro Tools. Comes with a Pro Tools annual license, the most powerful recording software on the market.


  • 25 x 34 simultaneous inputs and outputs

  • 192 kHz / 32-bit conversion

  • 8 HDX DSPs for AAX DSP plug-in processing and latency-free recording

  • 8 Mic/Line preamps with "Variable Z" (impedance) on inputs 5 - 8

  • 2 instrument inputs with "Variable Z

  • Stereo monitor outputs

  • 8 x 8 line inputs and outputs

  • 4 headphone outputs

  • 16 x 16 ADAT inputs and outputs

  • Word Clock I/O

  • Built-in talkback microphone, footswitchable

  • Footswitch connector

  • 2 Ethernet ports

  • Internal power supply


Carbon connects to the computer via Ethernet (direct connection required, no routers or switches) and uses the Core Audio driver to connect to Pro Tool (therefore other apps can use Carbon as an interface at the same time). As an audio-over-IP device, it uses the AVB protocol.

For users without an Ethernet port or who want to keep it free for other applications, it can also be connected using the original Apple Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter - generic adapters will not work.

Extend with AAX DSP Plugins

  • Over 250 AAX DSP plugins from leading manufacturers.

  • Highest quality and flexibility.

  • Hybrid DSP / Native design.

  • Seamless use in Pro Tools, even when Carbon is not connected!

Target groups

  • Anyone who records music - e.g. traditional instruments and vocals - and wants to benefit from the highest level of tracking speed, precision and inspiration.

  • Producers / engineers - who are creative right at the console, driving a vision when recording and getting the best out of artists.

  • Bands - formations that need lots of inputs, outputs and monitor mixes and for whom the recording process needs to be simple, clear and flexible.

  • Solo artists - Musicians who don't want to be bogged down with technology, but want to work stress-free, fast and creatively.

System requirements

  • Avid-qualified Apple Mac running macOS 10.15.6 or later and Ethernet port or original Apple Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter

  • Pro Tools 2020.11 or later

Included with

  • Pro Tools | Carbon hardware device

  • Pro Tools Standard software - 1-year license with "perpetual license lifeline "*)

  • 115 AAX plug-ins (over 70 AAX DSP plug-ins), including UVI Falcon, Avid Complete plug-in bundle, and HEAT

  • 5.4 GB sound library

  • Standard Updates & Support: All updates during runtime; Online Support

  • Additional third party plugins - perpetual licenses (links and redemption codes are available in MyAvid account after hardware registration): Arturia Rev PLATE-140 / Brainworx bx_console N / Brainworx bx_rockrack / Brainworx bx_masterdesk / Brainworx Purple Audio MC77 / Embody Immerse Virtual Studio / McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip HD / Native Instruments Vintage Organs / UVI Model D.

  • Accessories: power cable, ethernet cable, rack screws, rubber feet

  • Registration card with redemption code for Pro Tools 1-year license*)